Five tips to help you make it to break


Reena Mathews, Staff Writer

We are now entering the seemingly endless stretch between Thanksgiving Break and Holiday Break. I know, four weeks is a long time. I, too, feel the motivation draining out of my soul with every minute I spend behind a desk. But each one of those minutes is a minute closer to break. To hold you over, here are five tips to help keep motivation high and stress low as we trudge through these next four weeks.

Get Sleep

This might be the most important tip. You may hear this often, but sleep is truly very beneficial.  Sleep affects concentration, memory, attentiveness, growth, and more. According to Stanford School of Medicine, sleep deprivation is linked to poor grades, inability to concentrate, and even depression and anxiety. Furthermore, in a study of 100 students carried out by Binghamton University, shorter sleep and delayed ability to get to sleep are associated with negative thoughts.

Bribe Yourself

For those who struggle with procrastination, listen up. When you can’t make yourself do work, sometimes bribing yourself with some sort of activity will motivate you to focus. For example, allowing yourself to watch one 30-minute show after finishing a certain amount of homework is often a helpful bribe.

Do Mindless Things

Designate time, maybe once or twice a week, or on the weekends, to relax and take part in activities that don’t require a lot of thinking. Watch TV. Listen to music. Read for fun. Bake cookies. When you have a leisurely activity to look forward to, it’s easier to get through each day.

Stay Organized

Organization may not be for everyone, but it truly does help improve motivation and focus. A clear environment often leads to a clearer mind. Having an organized life or workspace encourages positive feeling and motivation to focus. Plus, neat workspaces reduce the amount of distractions.  

Put Things in Perspective

Though it is easier said than done, this tip is an important reminder for high school students. Remember that four weeks isn’t forever. Remember that five years from now you probably won’t be able to recall the essay or project or presentation you’re stressing about. Remember, it won’t be the end of the world if you bomb a test or quiz here and there. That is not to say you should stop caring completely, but try to keep in mind that high school is only four years of your life.

Overall, there are many methods to fight the battle against lack of motivation. In general, obsessing over how many days until break arrives won’t make the time pass by faster; so rather than dwell on the impending break, attempt to make the best out of these last four weeks.