Kevin Quinn’s new EP It’s About Time is full of familiar favorites topped off with a new single



Kevin Quinn’s new EP is full of old favorites and a new song that was worth the wait.

Sometimes I get that deja vu moment where I know I’ve seen, heard, or experienced something before. But the thought of it is almost comforting to have something familiar around me.

Kevin Quinn’s new EP is exactly like that. I felt like I’ve listened to the songs many times before, and they are not something new, but that fact is above all comforting to me.

It’s a familiar musical feel, and I think that’s what drew me to the playlist.

For many teenagers, Quinn is a familiar person as well. He’s known for his role in playing Xander in the Disney Channel Original Series “Bunk’d” and has also made appearances in some Disney Channel Original Movies before landing his most recent role—which came out roughly a year ago—in the Netflix movie “A Week Away.”

With most of his casting roles surrounding a theme of music or singing, this career he’s built up for himself is one that is not surprising. Quinn has always had a way of creating his songs in a way to tell a story that seems so effortless but holds much more meaning.

This new EP that came out Jan. 14, 2022, includes five songs; four of them being tracks already released in the past, and one new single that was undoubtedly my favorite piece in the EP.

“It’s About Time” is a song that shouts out a pretty delicate and not-so-talked-about message. Through his flawless storytelling technique, Quinn discusses how we are only given so much time, but we can make this life great if we spend our time well.

“It’s about time and how we spend it/ Every hour, every minute/ It’s about knowing that we’re chasing/ All the beautiful things that make it/ Worth the ride.” Those powerful but flowing words complete the chorus of his new masterpiece, and it definitely speaks the truth of what living life is all about.

In other artists’ EPs or albums, the listener will often get a taste of a variety of different sounds and beats, but Kevin took a different route when it came to his song selection.

It’s a familiar musical feel, and I think that’s what drew me to the playlist.”

I thought Quinn’s choices of the songs he picked to include in the EP were very well-thought-out.

In a way, they all sounded relatively similar in terms of music and rhythm, but this was purposeful. I think Quinn wanted all five of the songs in the EP to flow together, painting a picture of the story he was trying to convey to his listeners.

Other than my absolute love of “It’s About Time,” I would also like to point out how much “I’m Still Breathing” is purely an anthem song that makes you want to scream right along with the singer.

Keeping with the theme of not wasting life away, this song is a powerful exclamation of how if we still have air in our lungs, we always have a chance to change our life around or do whatever it is we are called to do.

I think Kevin Quinn is underrated as a musical artist—his stellar storytelling makes his songs a treat to listen to.