The LSU Tiger Girls serve empowerment, winning Nationals dancing to “Like A Boy”


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A photo of a Tiger Girl in her ending pose

The Tiger Girls could not have chosen a more perfect song than “Like A Boy” for their 2022 Hip Hop routine.

The Louisiana State University Dance Team—the Tiger Girls—have left a monumental impact all across the world after competing last weekend in the UDA College Dance Team National Championship.

Dancing to Ciara’s “Like A Boy,” the Tiger Girls did not only perform and execute this intricate routine, but they were also named National Champions in spite of it.

The dream team won the National Championship in 1999, then again in 2010; twelve years later, circa 2022, they took that title home to Baton Rouge once again. 

However, it’s not just a first-place trophy that made them stand out this year—it was the purpose behind their drive. 

Because last year, under the demand of university officials, the LSU Dance Team was forbidden to compete at Nationals due to COVID-19 constraints. However, they were encouraged to perform at LSU boys’ athletic events throughout the duration of their season. This was the first time in 22 years that the team did not compete at Nationals—so this year, they wanted to prove their worth. 

In doing this, the Tiger Girls stormed the D1A Hip Hop Division at UDA Nationals last week with confidence and pride, knowing that they were going to leave a lasting impression on that Florida stage.

“Like A Boy” was choreographed specifically for the Tiger Girls, but moreover female athletes all over the world who are doubted and neglected. Carson Rowe and Sammy McFadden, the LSU choreographers who are considered geniuses, created this masterpiece to bring focus to women’s empowerment and to recognize dance as a collegiate sport. In doing this, the Tiger Girls stormed the D1A Hip Hop Division at UDA Nationals last week with confidence and pride, knowing that they were going to leave a lasting impression on that Florida stage.

After their crowning, the team wrote: “Today, we represent ourselves, our school, and every woman before us who has helped pave our path to success.” And within their successes, they have found an unimaginable amount of support and love, so much so that a TikTok challenge rose, titled #LikeABoyChallenge, where fans are seen doing Rowe and McFadden’s choreography to show their admiration for the winning routine. 

In another social media post, alumna McFadden voiced her stance writing, “Unlike every other athletic team at the university, the Tiger Girls have no season, like standard sports. Instead, from August to May, they are dedicating their time to supporting all of LSU athletics while simultaneously participating in rigorous training, conditioning, long choreography days and practices so they can uphold their reputation at their singular competition of the year…”

And that’s exactly what this phenomenal team did. They not only left everything—all their concerns, fears, and worries—out on the floor, but they found success in inspiring and breaking boundaries regarding women empowerment for underrated teams all over the world. 

The LSU Tiger Girls showed up and showed out, proving to their athletic program that they deserve to be funded, appreciated, and boasted about just as much as any other program. Athleticism, determination, and perseverance are components of all dancers—collegiate especially, considering that Nationals at the end of January is their sole opportunity to compete for that first place spot.

I cannot think of a more fitting song to dance to than “Like A Boy” for the Tiger Girls who are now considered icons. The song, in combination with the stunning choreography and the powerhouse group of dancers, makes for an iconic routine that will forever be remembered—remembered for its fight for women all over the world. 

Dancer or not, the Tiger Girls spread this message through their talent, bringing home a title to claim for themselves, but more critically, to speak for all of the powerful, capable women in all the industries across the board.