The second season of Love is Blind holds the same intriguing factors that made the first season a success



The poster represents the suspense that each contestant experiences before seeing their fiance for the first time in person.

Would you propose to someone you have known for less than one week? Actually, an even better question: would you propose to them having never laid eyes on them? 

The Netflix original series Love is Blind is largely a social and physiological experiment that causes the love-seekers to make decisions on marriage and their future in a short amount of time that is almost unreal—decisions that would normally take a minimum of a couple of months to surface. 

That is one of the elements of the series that draws me in; it’s fascinating to see connections being made between a man and a woman who are talking to each other about anything and everything through a blue, glass wall. 

Each contestant gets to go on “dates” in the pods, which are chambers with no windows that allow them to talk to their date without seeing them. There, they get to ask questions, get to know each other, expose their deepest secrets, give their entire life story—or not—and if they’re lucky, they may just find someone who matches their personality and agrees to marry them. 

This is certainly a method of finding love that is not conventional, but in a way, the intentions are admirable. A lot of times in life, we see relationships and attraction based solely on looks and outer appearances, which sometimes depreciates the actual personality of the person—or lack thereof. 

By eliminating the factors of seeing who you’re talking to, it allows the emotions and relationship to build solely upon personality, which, in the long run, seems to prove to work better than a relationship that doesn’t dig below the surface. 

I stumbled upon season one of Love is Blind when I was hanging out with my cousin. We watched the first episode, and the next thing we knew, we had been binging it for the past three hours. Fair warning, this series gets you really invested in the love stories of couples you have never even met. 

In season two, 30 people entered the pods, but at the end of the dating time, only six couples came out engaged. 

Those six get to travel to Mexico, where they will enjoy each others’ company in person for the first time before they go back to the real world as a couple. 

Nick and Danielle are the first ones to get engaged, and I can’t help but root for them. Their chemistry is unmatched by the other couples, and despite only knowing each other for a week, they act like they’ve been together for years. 

In season two, 30 people entered the pods, but, at the end of the dating time, only six couples came out engaged.

However, Shake and Deepti have me skeptical about their relationship. In the pods, they don’t seem as solid as some other couples in the way they discuss their meetings separately when the show recorded their talking heads. Shake seems to be a really shallow guy, and even when the two are vacationing in Mexico, he flat out tells another guy he is having trouble being attracted to Deepti physically. This doesn’t provide me with much hope for their future. 

Another couple that I have not let myself get attached to due to my lack of faith in their motives is Shaina and Kyle. Shaina straight up leaves Mexico the first day they arrive after revealing that she “had some things to figure out.” Shaina explains to Kyle that religion is very important to her, but Kyle is an atheist. They were persistent in “giving it a try,” but I’m not sure why they even let it go this far; it’s obvious to any viewer that they are not standing on solid ground. 

Mallory and Salvador came out of the pods as a couple and seemed to grow closer during the trip to Mexico. I’m not really sure yet how they’ll turn out, but I have always been a fan of Mallory. She is strong through all her interactions in the pods and doesn’t let any of the guys push her around or make it all about them. She knows what she is looking for and makes her intentions clear.  

Only the first five episodes of the second season were released on Feb. 11, and this Friday, Feb. 18, the last five episodes of the season will be released to reveal the results of the rapid love stories or failed relationships.  

I am very interested to see where all this will lead, so you know where I’ll be Friday.