A conclusive list of my Target must-haves


Katelynn Heilman

A few of the items mentioned in this review, including my target wallet, a fake plant from the “Dollar Section”, and my Sonia Kashuk makeup bag.

Sifting through every aspect of my life, I’ve realized how much I owe to Target. Introducing me to brands that have changed my life and providing me with cute, yet practical essentials is only the beginning of the services the store has to offer. Whether they’re Target exclusives or not, the items below have changed my everyday life, and I will boundlessly recommend them. 

The “Dollar Section” ($1.00- 5.00)

I wouldn’t feel right writing a Target review without shouting out my—and possibly everyone’s—favorite section. Lately, the most tempting items in the square have been the varying shelves in constant rotation. I recently bought a unit for my desk, and it transformed my space, cleared up clutter, and added a much-needed flair to my room. 

Also, in the realm of reasonably priced home decor, the “Dollar Section” has many different candle options that excellently serve their purpose and also make perfect gifts. Along with that, I’ve really appreciated the incorporation of fake plants and greenery—a constant theme throughout Target as a whole. 

Sonia Kashuk makeup bags ($8.99- 19.99)

The variation in colors and textures of these bags lead me to believe there’s one for everyone to appreciate. I have used my bag on every trip since its purchase, and the size has been perfect for my needs. I’ve seen others use the smaller-sized bag as a pencil case, something I hadn’t realized it was a perfect size for. 

OLLY melatonin gummies ($12.89)

I have been incorporating these gummies into my nightly routine for months, and I absolutely swear by them. Although their prices aren’t as reasonable as other brands, they are an incredibly reputable company, and I favor the taste and texture over any other brand I have tried. For anyone having trouble sleeping, I recommend these as an excellent starting point to assist in that struggle.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker ($11.99)

This item is by far one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I was gifted this maker, but if I hadn’t been, I would definitely purchase it for myself. Personally, I find the price very reasonable for the amount of use I’ve gotten out of it in the past couple of months. It has supplied me with many last-minute meals and has also given me ways to quench my boredom with all of the waffle-maker-specific recipes I have found on social media. 

This item is by far one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I was gifted this maker, but if I hadn’t been, I would definitely purchase it for myself.

Honorable mentions 

Target’s large size and color selections of wallets are impeccable. Off the top of my head, I can name three of my close friends who own wallets purchased from Target; when I selected mine, I wasn’t necessarily in need of a wallet, but the price was just too enticing to pass up.

The brand Hearth and Hand as a whole probably covers half of my bedroom; the large selection of fake greenery and other decor is excellently crafted and has excellent quality. Simply walking around in this section sparks joy.

Collectively, Target’s excellent range of items is incredibly valued and it is commendable how often they work towards having the best selection of products in their store. Walking around the store, I consistently find means to add to my “must-haves” list. More often than not, a visit means a new item that adds satisfaction and practicality to my daily routine.