Sites like SHEIN are creating a toxic and unrealistic shopping environment by photoshopping their models

Social media is arguably the biggest platform in regards to human interaction. Whether it’s amongst celebrities, peers, or strangers, the app is made for posting oneself for the world to see.

And although apps like Instagram and TikTok heavily consist of scrolling through feeds as a source of entertainment, it is one of the utmost instigators of insecurities from all users.

As if we don’t see Instagram models and idols every day on those very platforms, shopping sites are another huge source of seeing models with picture-perfect figures.

We shop online to receive a better idea of how the item will fit. However, scrolling through sites like SHEIN has made me wonder.

SHEIN specifically is known for using a single model and photoshopping swimsuits and clothing onto their bodies. This, for one, doesn’t give an accurate depiction of the product, but moreover, they’re doing more photoshopping than just the items.

I’ve seen a handful of posts and articles with obvious photoshop ordeals on models’ natural bodies. I’ve seen posts comparing the same model in which it is clear that the site has twisted and turned the model to have unrealistic curves with zero imperfections.

Photoshopping is the epitome of toxicity.”

And although many models around the world do indeed seem to have these bodies, SHEIN is taking it way too far in making it unrealistic. 

This causes an already toxic environment to become one that is unacceptable. This takes not only the viewers’ insecurities to the next level of unrealistic depictions, but also the models’ as well. This should not be the case in any scenario, and as I already have previous hatred for SHEIN, this is beyond distasteful.

This causes what should be a fun, enjoyable shopping environment to become one that makes me want to shut my laptop. It is so draining to put down my phone just to see even worse comparisons while shopping for things that I hope will make me feel confident. 

And as soon as sites like SHEIN see this trend, it will only come to be more and more apparent and frequent. This is ruining an environment that is supposed to be uplifting. It is creating a negative and false setting that should never have been started in the first place.

People look up to models for their beauty—that’s what deems a model. And for those who are already beautiful people worthy of this job, who they’re working for is ruining their moment. And it’s ruining their customers’ reliability too. 

Photoshopping is the epitome of toxicity, and the fact that it is being carried over to shopping outlets where buyers are deeming certain items to be worthy or not is simply unbelievable. 

SHEIN, do better.