Addison Grace’s debut EP was an excellent opening to their future


Addison Grace on YouTube

Addison’s style has changed since I last reviewed their music, and I am a huge fan.

I nearly dropped my phone when I viewed my favorite indie-pop artist’s Instagram story; Addison Grace announced that they were going to release their debut EP on May 6th, 2022.

I could hardly believe my eyes, as it had felt like I had been waiting for Addison to release an EP or album forever. Now that Immaturing was on its way with five new songs, I was anxiously waiting with bated breath. I really wanted this EP to be good, especially as Addison’s debut to the world with more than a single. 

Thankfully, I had nothing to be worried about; per usual, Addison pulled every song off flawlessly and with the variegated tracks that I am always craving.

Although I had heard some of the singles previously, it was excellent to see them compiled with others by the talented singer-songwriter. 

One of my favorite melancholy singles by Addison that I had heard previously was “I Wanna Be a Boy.” Although it addresses gender dysphoria and transgender issues, it is not exclusive to such an audience. Addison themself has said that anyone is welcome to enjoy the song and wear the merchandise; the point of the song is generally to love yourself and not change for anyone. It also supports figuring yourself out and not needing to jump to a label; self-exploration is healthy.

Even though a demo of this song was released a while ago, the refined version is a stellar example of Addison’s growth as an artist and how much he has advanced in his professionalism. From a kid playing their guitar on their bed for YouTube to the artist touring with the famed Cavetown, Addison has always worked hard and rightfully deserves all of their fame.

A less slow-paced song in the EP, “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love,” was equally incredible, if not more so. The song had a 2000s vibe, but also kept a good beat and used special effects to their maximum benefit. “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” had a very interesting meaning, which was the shift towards normalcy with age and stability.

It felt somewhat experimental, but in this case, it was an excellent addition to the album. At times, Addison’s soft-spoken songs stray away from my typical music taste, but songs like “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” help me fall in love with the artist’s work all over again.

The third song in the album, “Makes Me Sick,” was the best of both worlds; it was an emotional song that showcased Addison’s personality and talents. It wasn’t too much to take in, but it also wasn’t meaningless words. 

This was one of my favorite songs due to the style fluctuating from acoustic and small to large and echoing. It was obviously a thoughtful and well-crafted song, which is exactly what I would expect from Addison.

Although I was not shocked by the outstanding quality of “Makes Me Sick,” I was taken aback by “Kill the Switch” in the best way possible. Most of Addison’s songs are soft peach clouds drifting over a meadow, but “Kill the Switch” was definitely more of a thunderstorm. I’m not complaining though; it was amazing to see this side of Addison as well.

Having too many songs of one type is something that many artists seem to struggle with, but thankfully, Addison did not fall victim to this phenomenon. “Kill the Switch” was much different than all of their other songs, creating a medley of different vibes in Immaturing.

This song has the potential to make it big; it has enough spunk and originality to get noticed but has some typical pop elements as well that could aid in its rise in popularity. ”

The final song in Addison’s EP, “Getting Used To,” is most certainly his finest work in the entire playlist. This song has the potential to make it big; it has enough spunk and originality to get noticed but has some typical pop elements as well that could aid in its rise in popularity. 

I really am hoping to see more from Addison in the future, and a full album release would be music to my ears—literally. I have been watching Addison grow as a singer-songwriter since 2020, and I am excited to see where their music career takes them next after hearing such a stunning debut EP.