Do Revenge is iconic


A picture of the iconic main characters at the premier for Do Revenge

I don’t typically delight in revengeful actions, but Do Revenge held my attention in captivity, and I was immersed in each revenge-fueled action. Revenge proved to be my cup of tea. 

Do Revenge revolves around two girls, Drea, played by Camila Mendes, and Eleanor, portrayed by Maya Hawke. Both teenagers had been ruthlessly wronged and intended to maul the ones who had caused their pain. In Drea’s case, it was her ex-boyfriend and horrendous fake friends, and for Eleanor, it was the girl who turned her into a predator and betrayed her trust back in summer camp. Once the girls meet and Eleanor moves to Drea’s private school, they concoct a plan to act out their revenge on each other’s targets. 

From beginning to end, I never turned from the screen. The plot was not necessarily creative, but it was enticing. The characters definitely made this movie more than the plot. Drea was unknowingly bollixed; she had been wronged and didn’t see past her anger, and she didn’t flinch as she hurt anyone in her way as she worked towards eliminating the ones who caused her embarrassment. Eleanor was nearly psychotic. She had harbored a grudge from the age of thirteen, and during her senior year, finally enacted revenge. She cultivated an elaborate and somber plan of action that took the course of the whole film and held many twists and turns. Both characters were the height of entertainment. 

It is debated whether the plot or the characters determine a good movie. I lean towards characters, especially in the case of Do Revenge. Without Drea and Eleanor’s comedy, aggression, and demeanors, the plot would have fallen through the cracks of boredom. The plot is integral, but the characters determine my emotions towards the movie far more. 

It also helps if the characters have outstanding outfits. The private school the girls attend has the most fabulous uniform I have ever witnessed: light purple and green, a flowy skirt paired with a white loose shirt, and a silk coat hanging over their shoulders. The outfits outside of school were just as chic. Floral patterns were common–which I personally would like to wear more of–and so were bright and eccentric pants such as neon green pants. Each outfit was appealing to look at. 

A good love interest is another pleasant sight. A good romance also proves why characters are superior to the plot; if a movie involves a poorly crafted love interest, I quickly lose interest. Russ, acted out by Rish Shah, was a side character who rose to love interest, and though his screen time was minimal, he was deserving of my attention. From his good looks to his stunning personality, he was a meticulous part of what makes Do Revenge so outstanding. 

Do Revenge is iconic. I was immersed in each scene and season that passed my TV screen. Netflix is cranking out movies, and I am glad to have caught Do Revenge in the flurry of new content. I am already looking forward to rewatching this stunning film.