What Christmas aesthetic fits you best?


I tend to disregard the fact that money is an essential aspect of life. I throw out comments about future purchases that I hope to follow through on with ease, and when it comes to my future home, it’s no different. 

You can often find me wandering through the Target home decor section pointing out all the things I would buy to decorate my future home. I speak about color schemes, patterns, and aesthetics as if I am an interior decorator and not a high school student, and this habit of mine only increases with the Christmas season. 

People debate which Christmas decor style is the best or most magical to fill your home with, and the answer varies from person to person and is heavily influenced by personal taste. It left me debating in my own head how I want to decorate my future home for Christmas. 

The first aesthetic that comes to mind is what can commonly be referred to as the classic Christmas aesthetic. I would say this is the most common aesthetic you find in people’s homes. It’s a mixture of slightly mix-matched red and green decor, a tree that either is real or at least appears to be real, and it gives off a cozy vibe. 

This aesthetic is also the most achievable because it involves all of the classic elements of Christmas: Santa decor, typical color schemes, and classic red stockings hanging from the fireplace. All of these things are mass-produced during the Christmas season and can easily be found at any store of your choosing. 

The next aesthetic is what I am referring to as the minimal Christmas aesthetic. This involves a lot of neutral colors such as white, cream, and brown. However, in addition to the bland canvas, there is a strong aspect of green woven between the blank space. 

This aesthetic is attainable in the sense that it doesn’t involve an excessive amount of purchases in order to fill up your space.

This aesthetic is attainable in the sense that it doesn’t involve an excessive amount of purchases in order to fill up your space. It has very thought-out pieces that are adding to the pre-existing look of the space. However, because of this, the minimal vibe is only obtainable if your room of choice already matches the beige background and simplistic decor. 

The last aesthetic is arguably my favorite. I am not exactly sure what to call it, however, it screams girly. This look consists of a strict color theme of gold, pink, and white—with lots of sparkles. 

I feel as though this is the hardest aesthetic to tastefully execute because while the classic Christmas look can be found in nearly any store, and the minimal Christmas look mainly includes items you already own/intentional purchases, the girly look only gets a small portion of each store dedicated to it. 

In addition to this, the girly aesthetic is most certainly not for everyone. While I personally prefer to spend all my time held up in the tornado of pink glitter that spills out of my Christmas decor box each year, I can admit it can be a bit much sometimes. 

However, that being said, if you are thinking of the entire picture when it comes to picking out girly Christmas decorations, and making sure they will all look good together, then more often than not this aesthetic comes off as very whimsical and beautiful. 

No matter what aesthetic best suits you and your space, it is always a fun time to decorate your house, bedroom, or dorm room for the holiday season.