Serenity within the stars


Alysse Calabio

A photo of the Chicago River and the lights at night time

A sea of darkness paints the sky; it seems to engulf everything it touches. All that is left to see are remnants of light bestrewn across the murky sky.

It is a recurring spectacle—a moment that I have seen time and time again. Yet, it is not a sight I have grown disenchanted with. Instead, I find myself bewitched by the memories and wonderments held within it. 

It is enchanting how a moment of such hushed darkness can be the catalyst for such blissful feelings. A wave of calm comes crashing over me as the light rushes out of my room; it is an almost inexplicable feeling of tranquility accompanying those starry, ethereal nights. I bask in the sound of silence while my thoughts and fantasies keep me company as I watch the stars slowly make their way across the sky. It is a simple escape from the stresses the day may send my way.

Even so, nothing compares to the scenery those starry nights uncover.

Quiet towns bustle with people. Each group is out to enjoy a night of merriments. Each and every individual with an excited smile plastered on their face. With just a glance above—in the towering workplaces and homes—the luminous lights radiate throughout the rooms, presenting to the world the simple, fantastical lives each of them is living. 

Boisterous places become as muted as the sky, and the warm lights of the streetlamps give off a candle-like glow to the streets. It is such a romantic scene unbeknownst to the light of day: a phenomenon of the night.

It is such a romantic scene unbeknownst to the light of day: a phenomenon of the night”

Even the sky itself is brought to life. The stars seem to dance upon the lightless firmament: jumping leaps and bounds across the night sky. At times, they appear as if they were dressing up for an extravagant escapade; they clothe their bleak canvas with colors as infinite as time.

However, these stars are not the only entity encapsulated within the sky. Gleaming as bright as the stars is the moon—watching and caring for all those under it. Even on the nights when only remnants of it are left, it is still as pronounced as when it is whole. It is a view I can trust to continually return over and over. It brings a sense of comforting familiarity in the daunting darkness.

Despite having seen it a thousand times, the scene of the sky still leaves me in a state of awe. It is a scene I find myself falling in love with each time and is nothing if not a sight to behold.

The day, however, is filled with bright and busy moments: finishing chores, completing work, and spending time with loved ones. It’s a period of seemingly endless movement—a constant stream of things to complete.

Thus, as the light begins to fall and dusk starts to settle, feelings of unease are not what characterize my nights. Instead, I find that any worrying sensation seeps out of my mind. Although it may be a seemingly simple scenery that I view every night, it still brings a comforting sense to my mind.

It is pure serenity.