The best Valentine’s Day gifts of 2023


The Lego flowers that my dad gifted to my mom last Valentine’s Day,

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with hearts, love, and romantic gestures. A lot of Valentine’s Day gifts are cliché, overused, and a little too cheesy. That being said, there are some that stand out amongst the others. So, here are my personal favorite Valentine’s Day presents. 

  1. Any Type of Candy

While it may be overused at times and overly commercialized around the holiday, I think candy is always an excellent way to go for Valentine’s Day. Themed assortments of chocolates or sweets are always a good direction to take for gifts; they are delicious and show the other person that you’re thinking about them. Along with being an overall exceptional gift, they’re also cheap and easy to buy. When looking for presents, you don’t want to break the bank entirely, and this gift checks both boxes of considerate and affordable. As long as it’s not the poorly made dollar-store chocolate, treating a loved one to high-quality sweets that you pick out adds a whole other level of personalization to gift giving.

  1. Heart Necklaces

Heart necklaces, while yet another classic, can make for a perfect gift. But unlike candy, it’s very easy to go wrong with these. A lot of heart-shaped jewelry, in general, can have a tacky and cheap appearance when not in the right style. I find that the simpler jeweled designs and lockets are prettier than the ones that have the appearance of trying too hard.
In my opinion, this is one of the tackier heart-style necklaces by Tiffany’s.

When done right, however, the present of a heart-shaped pendant can symbolize and represent all the effort and love you want it to. Although this gift is a beautiful gesture, it can be costly. Even a simple locket can range anywhere from 20-500 dollars, which is well out of most people’s budget range. But, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, this is definitely one to consider.
Here’s a heart necklace done well from Pandora.
  1. Lego Flowers

This one might sound a bit unorthodox compared to the others, but I find the intrinsically detailed flowers to be a perfect present for anyone you love. Unlike the timeless, traditional flowers, these ones never wilt, so they can be delivered well with a cheesy line about how you’ll love someone until the flowers die. Along with the sheer effort of finding and purchasing these flowers, time goes into the gift through the assembly of the flowers. You have the choice of either gifting them already built with the gesture of time spent and love behind them, or you can assemble the flowers with the person making for both a good gift and a shared experience. My dad gave these to my mom last Valentine’s Day, and they’re still in a vase in our dining room to show off to guests. In most places, they’re around sixty dollars, which is a fairly reasonable price compared to many other presents. Overall, they’re a great gift to give and should be at the top of many people’s lists as a present to purchase.

I hope that over the course of this Valentine’s and the ones to come that new gift ideas will surface, and creativity and thoughtfulness in presents will increase as people appreciate their loved ones.