How sports improve students’ grades and lives

How sports improve students grades and lives

Maria Devroy, Staff Writer

There are few things better for students than joining a sport.

You see, when students join a sport, they will inevitably learn that sometimes in life, and in sports, you fail. Students learn through sports that you can’t always win, and this makes it easier to comprehend the not always great grades that you can receive in school. On top of that, studies through a Missouri public school shows that student-athletes achieve a grade point average .3 higher than those who choose not to participate.

When students make the decision to try to try out for a school team or a club sport, they are not only making a choice to hold themselves accountable to the intense physical regimen of sports but also making a step in the direction of higher grades and self-confidence.”

The GPAs of student athletes don’t even begin to touch on the benefits to self-confidence and drive. Many students that succeed in athletics also reap the benefits of the increased confidence that comes with being a part of a team. When students have a time of the day that is specifically designated to time with their friends, it will make them happier and overall more confident than if they were to just lay in bed all day. While there are other ways to hang out with friends and have fun, there is nothing like the bond that comes from putting yourself through something taxing and still coming out a winner.

Many kids who find the sport that suits them also find that they are more successful in both school and in life, due to the life lessons that are taught through athletics. Most coaches, simply from life experience, are able to teach athletes about experiences that they should or should not do.

Students have only the experiences that their lives and parents allowed, and having an older mentor to teach you their mistakes and their wins brings a life to kids that they haven’t yet experienced.

In reality, not everyone has time to join a sport, but even the simple act of working out on a regular basis will improve every aspect of your life, including happiness and grades. But if it’s in the cards for you, sports will reap fruitful lessons for you that you will carry on for the rest of your life.