Winterfest spirit day 1 – pajama day


In honor of Winterfest week, The Central Trend is showcasing students with exceptional school spirit. Today kicked off the first spirit day, Pajama Day, and students showed their pride extensively.

“They’re the most stereotypical pajamas, and you have to fit the part.” – Senior Katelyn Johnson on her choice in pajamas.


“I feel like [my pajamas] suit me very well and it’s really comfortable.” – Freshman Kole Kaminski on his Pajama Day outfit.


Sophomore Kimi Burgoyne posing in her fashionable PJ Day attire.

“I think [spirit days] are something fun and it’s a way to get hype before the dance. It’s a different way to dress for a week and you get to see all the other creative ideas out there.” -Sophomore Jayla Williams on the importance of spirit days.


Senior Mary Derwent showing her Ranger pride through her awesome PJ’s.