Why ABC’s The Bachelor is perfect for Valentine’s Day

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ABC’s The Bachelor is currently airing their 21st season. That’s 21 love stories that have been publicized on national television and all over the media, and that doesn’t count any seasons or grown relationships from The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise. With the season of Valentine’s Day in the air, the infamous reality television series, The Bachelor, is the most perfect, dramatic, binge-watching show to view from the comfort of a home.

Nick Viall, the current “Bachelor,” is searching for love, just like the host, Chris Harrison, has said several times to the national audience. Nick has been heartbroken in three past televised Bachelor-related series: twice on The Bachelorette, once on Andi Dorfman’s season, and once on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons, as well on Bachelor in Paradise by Jen Saviano. With all relationships ending on the final episode of each season, Nick has become the infamous, consistent “runner up.”

After his relationship failures with all three women, ABC announced Nick as the next “Bachelor” for the 21st season of the show, hoping to match Nick with his future fiance, thus prompting the saying “four times a charm.”

The most important question is will Nick be left heartbroken on the final episode for a fourth time, or will the love of his life accept the final rose?”

The first episode of The Bachelor features Nick meeting all the women whom were selected to be a part of his season through an auditioning process. Each woman walks out of the limo wearing a ball gown and usually express herself with a creative greeting to introduce herself.

As the night goes, Nick spends time with each of the women, gathering his thoughts of each first impression, further helping him make a decision of who to give a rose to, which is an offering to stay for another to explore the idea of a marriage with Nick.

After one-on-ones, two-on-ones, group dates, and many other social activities, Nick begins to ask more women to leave, as he does not feel that there is a future between him and her. Of course, there is a “villain” in this season of The Bachelor, Corrine, who is rude and self-centered around the other women and believes that her relationship with Nick is further along compared to others. Her personality adds dynamic drama to the series, further engaging the audience emotionally.

Each week, Nick takes the group of women to a new, adventurous place where several dates of many kind take place. The dates and new settings allow each woman to get to know Nick better in an unusual atmosphere, helping decide if she has potential to be his wife, which can often be awkward, dramatic, and fun.

Heartbroken in sadness, the women are asked to leave one by one if they did not receive a rose at a week’s Rose Ceremony, or in more dramatic cases, a woman may be asked to leave under harsh circumstances, as she is clearly not the right fit for Nick.

Though season 21 has not yet ended, it is predicted that Nick’s future wife is still in the running on this season of The Bachelor; however, an opposing group agrees that Nick will be left heartbroken at the end of the season for a fourth time.

Whether The Bachelor is scripted or not, it make an excellent choice of show to binge, as it is packed with all things that make up a relationship: love, passion, and madness. The “Bachelor family” has continued, and will continue, to grow, especially with Nick having found new love and past relationships aired on national television, creating pathos for Nick from several viewers.

It is still unknown whom the next “winner” of Nick’s season of The Bachelor will be; however, the most important question is will Nick be left heartbroken on the final episode for a fourth time, or will the love of his life accept the final rose?