The importance of family


No matter what the years have delivered to us, my family has always been immensely close. I live with my father, mother, and freshman brother Cole. My parents have been married for seventeen and a half years. They show me an exceptional example of a true love story. My brother is two years younger than me and keeps the little kid inside us both.

Every year since I can remember, we have gone on a family trip. Whether this be during spring break or Christmas break, we always made a point to take a week long vacation together. One of the best parts was cramming all of us and all of our vacation essentials into our sandy colored minivan and driving down to Florida. We would visit our grandparents while being there and drive all over the state just to make a short-lived visit to each set of grandparents.

Support is everything. My family is my fan section, no matter what event. They come to every single soccer game, weekend away for soccer, theater performance, and the multiple college visits. They have supported me at home when I am in my grumpy moods from all the sleep deprivation I endure. They support me even when I am away from home, texting me meager sayings such as “how is your daya�� or “thinking of youa�� or “keep up the hard worka��. They support me when I mentally need a release and ramble on and on about the obstacles of each day.

We fight just like any other ordinary family. We have one unique rule, though: never go to bed angry. My family has made me realize that good and bad things happen, it is your choice of how it will affect you and how you will take care of it. Someone will always have a more prosperous life than you but someone will always have a poorer life as well. They help me get through the days that I would rather stay in a crumpled mess wrapped in blankets in bed. They help alter my attitude from negative to positive.

My little brother, Cole, is a freshman. Throughout this year, I have tried to guide him through a path of success. I have enjoyed watching him grow into the person he is today. He and I have a strong and unbreakable bond. He is my best friend and brother all in one tall, lanky body. We tell each other almost every little detail of our lives. Of course, there have been numerous times that we have fought but we always make amends in the end. He always makes himself available to talk when I need it most. He is more like a protective, older brother to me when in reality he is my little brother. He gets indignant when someone mistreats me or says crude remarks about me. He is always ready to defend me, even when I do not deserve it.

All in all, I would be nothing without my family. They push me to be the strongest that I can be. This is something I would like to have with my husband and kids someday. My family relationships will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life.