Chipmunk cheeks and protein shakes


impacted tooth, Vector illustration Toothache, Tooth medical anatomy

Having recently gotten my wisdom teeth removed, I can assure you it sucks. I have no idea why they are called “wisdom teeth,” because they are not wise, helpful, or necessary. They are stupid. I got all four of them pulled out a week ago, my face is still swollen, and I have not had a bite of solid food in a week.

Before I got my teeth pulled, I didn’t think it would hurt that bad. I did not realize that my face would swell like a balloon, and I would not be able to open my mouth more than an inch. I learned the hard way I suppose, but know that if you ever need them out, be warned: you will get tired of protein shakes and pudding in a hurry. The only semi-solid food I was able to eat was mac and cheese, which has always been my favorite food, and I really don’t want to see another bowl of mac and cheese for a long time.

Another thing I learned is how necessary it actually is to yawn. On Tuesday, it was my first day back to school and the first day in a while where I could not take a nap, so understandably I felt like I needed to yawn. But I could not. I could not open my mouth enough to actually yawn, and it sounds stupid, but I have never really appreciated the ability to yawn until I was unable to.

The important thing to remember when you get your wisdom teeth out is that once you have it done, you never have to deal with it again. So even if your friends laugh at your fat face, it’s okay. I am thankful that after this is all over, I will never have a face that looks like a cartoon character again, and I will be able to eat real food. I am really looking forward to that.