A thank you to some of the seniors in theater


Here is a thank you to some of the seniors in theater this year.

This past year, you all have showed me such grace and kindness. When times were hectic and chaotic, you would be the calm in the storm helping everyone gather back together. Thank you for setting such a great example to all of the underclassmen in this program. You all have been such great leaders and have taught us what we would like to be as leaders as well. It’ll be hard to fill your shoes next year and I will dearly miss you all.

To Sam O: Smovens, thank you for being the older brother that I have never had. You know when I’m stressed or need to just talk things through. Thank you for all the hugs and short girl jokes. Thank you for being so funny that I would cry because of laughing too much. Thank you for the enjoyable and entertaining two years I have had with you. Thank you for helping me learn the ropes for FHC theater. I will expect you to be in the audience next year at the shows, seeings how you will only be an hour away at college. My favorite show with you has probably been Little Shop because of how much positive and goofy energy you would bring to each rehearsal. Thinking about next year without you makes me incredibly sad. Who will be the bad guy/player boy in shows? Thank you for sometimes playing your trumpet at rehearsals, it was random but funny and cool to hear you play. Thank you for always saying “Hey KK” in the hallways when you would see me. You may not know, but on occasion, that would make the bad days good. It is going to be weird to not see you trotting around school in your leather jacket. I’ll miss you so much pal.

To Mitchell B: Thank you for being the number one comic relief. You have brought me to tears by making me laugh so hard. Whether it was a good or bad day, you would manage to have everyone laughing within minutes of the start of rehearsal. Thank you for being so much fun to do backstage crew with last year. Thank you for the fun memory of you picking me up and running across the FAC’s stage during mermaid with me screaming to be put down. Thank you for the nickname of Short Stacks. Thank you for the continuous short girl jokes, I will oddly miss them. Thank you for the sarcasm that gets more sassy each day. Thank you for being my personal body guard at times, it’s kind of fun to have one. Thank you for helping me lift and carry things even though I could do it myself; you just like to help. Thank you for putting yourself out there this year and becoming an actor. Your presence on stage is fantastic. I am in awe that everything new that you try, you succeed in. I am excited to see what your future has in store for you.

To Connor D: Thank you for making sure everyone is always doing alright. During all the rehearsals for improv, I really got to know your caring self. Thank you for always being the additional helping hand. Thank you for brightening everyone’s spirits and making us laugh.

To John P: Thank you for being your goofy self. I know it took a lot of work to get the Patrick Martin role just right, and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication you provided. Thank you for all the laughs you created day in and day out. Also thank you for always stepping in at rehearsals and reading the part of the plant. You would be a hilarious Audrey Two.

To Jake L: Thank you for taking a chance by coming to the musical auditions this year. I feel as though the show would not be as great as it was without you as Seymour. I will never forget having you step up to sing, then you sang, and then Sam saying, “I’ve been your best friend for six years and I didn’t know you could sing?!” The whole room erupted in laughter. It has been such a joy to get to know you. Thank you for sharing your luscious locks with FHC theater. I’m glad I can finally tell you and your brother apart– it is a special skill that takes time to acquire.

To Ian K: Thank you as well for taking a chance and auditioning for musical this year. You have brought such an influencing attitude to this group of people. Your positivity never fails to amaze me. Thank you for always being there to help even when it wasn’t your job to do so. You made the room a little brighter every time you would crack a joke or do a goofy little dance. Thank you for helping me pick up broken glass and making sure no one got hurt in the process. Looking back now, it is something I laugh at rather than being stressed about, because you jumped right in to assist me and helped me keep calm. Thank you for giving me a laugh reminding me that we took the ACT next to each other and asking how/why I finished early during every section. Thank you for the fun storytimes talking about past soccer stories. It was fun to have someone to connect sports and theater to.

To Tommy B: Thank you for being so fun to work on stage crew with. Thank you for being the person to teach me how to put spike tape down. Thank you for all the giggles and jokes. Thank you for the nickname of Lawnmower because you think my laugh sounds like so. Thank you for playing catch with a roll of tape with me during breaks last year in mermaid. Thank you for the silly dance moves and weird voices you would always do. I will never forget you saying “Hello? Would you like to buy some flowers?” in the oddest voice I have heard from you. Thank you for always helping me with little prop pieces or big, heavy set pieces. I treasure our little gossip sessions. It was also fun finding little hiding places in each new set piece, Seagull Rock was my favorite.

To Marc R: Marcles, I love you so much. Thank you so much for the times I would be beyond exhausted and you would cheer me up faster than anyone else. I will never forget our dog impressions of the cast members torturing poor Beans, Darla awards. I love the Lion King arm and head twist that you taught me how to do. I love our chats and life talks. I know you will do incredibly well in life. You have such a strong head on your shoulders. Thank you for being such a fun and hard working dance captain. I love that you made certain playlists for certain rehearsal days. Thank you for the endless supply of laughs and smiles. I can’t think of a single memory with you and contain my laughter. Thank you for being sleep deprived and slap happy with me. Thank you for crying with me during mental breaks downs and laughing when they were over. I couldn’t relate to anyone more than you. Thank you for the hilarious sarcasm. I cannot begin to describe how much I’ll miss you next year.

To Toppens: Where do I begin with you Tippity Tops? You are the big sister I’ve never had. Thank you for taking all of last year to train me and get to know me for this year. We have been the greatest Dynamic Duo there has ever been. I have never loved spending so much time with a person. We know just about everything about each other and I couldn’t be more thankful for our friendship. I like how we crashed graduation parties together last year. All of the late night car rides while jamming to our song in the car makes my heart so full. I have loved our long talks with D and sharing of secrets with each other. We can be so incredibly silly together that sometimes I wonder if D regrets pairing us together, but in the end I know it was such a perfect pairing. I wouldn’t want to wear Crocs with anyone else. I will never forget humiliating ourselves in front of the whole Little Shop cast and crew by dancing a little jig center stage in a spotlight to the salsa version of “Happy Birthdaya�� for Emily DeMeester’s birthday. I’m glad we did it, but it was way out of my comfort zone, so I’m glad I experienced it with you. I am scared to take on this next year without you, but I know you will still be sending me endless support from East Lansing. I’ll miss you so much and love you endlessly.

With so much love,

Your little leprechaun KK