PaLatte Coffee and Art offers an eclectic blend of family-made artwork and tasty drinks


Exhausted after a long school day and practice, all that my friend Eryn and I wanted to do was curl up in a cafe with a coffee and chill out. As we started out on the long drive over to the PaLatte Coffee and Art cafe, both Eryn and I were pumped to try out new things and get a chance to catch up. Both of us expected that it would be the basic and stereotypical cafe, but once we got there, we were pleasantly surprised by the extreme beauty of the cafe.

Unlike the usual relaxed cafe, the PaLatte Coffee and Art cafe’s walls were completely covered with unique and awe-inspiring artwork, which is all created and sold by the owners of the cafe. Huge charcoal canvases with environmental messages and interesting graphics spanned one wall to the side, while the other wall was of brightly-colored and textured artwork. Near the bottom of all the walls were small and eye-catching photographs surrounded by interesting frames. Set to the side of the eclectic walls were wooden tables with basic chairs and also bright blue tables that contrasted the giant armchairs that were beside them.

As we shuffled up to the front, I was struck by the simplicity of the menu, which only had a few coffee drinks and smoothies. The barista and artist offered a huge smile when she rang up our drinks of a smoothie for Eryn and a Cafe Miel latte for me. Even waiting for drinks was a pleasure because there was so much beauty to take in. The color and life oozing from every inch of that cafe was so revitalizing for me, and I felt so at home that I didn’t want to ever leave.

Once we finally got our drinks and snacks, my mouth watered earnestly, and my stomach growled with acute hunger. I eagerly brought the latte to my lips, and my mouth was overjoyed by its deliciousness. If you the feeling of being warm and cozy inside could be in a drink, the Cafe Miel was definitely it. A foam and cinnamon design topped the smooth drink with plenty of cinnamon on the rim and throughout the latte. As I had sipped the warm latte, I began to feel the rush of caffeine and endorphins from being so content in simply being there. Because of how hungry I was and how tasty the drink was, my drink was gone seemingly instantly.

Before leaving, we talked to the barista about her art, and I watched her face light up with complete happiness about her art. To put it simply, there was so much joy in that small cafe, and anyone in there couldn’t help but smile and feel like life would be ok. Despite the long drive over, the cafe was completely worth it, and their drinks were overwhelmingly delicious. PaLatte cafe put me in such high spirits that I would gladly endure the long ride any day just for a cup of coffee there