Tony Awards 2017 and the 2017/2018 Season Show Announcement


Mitchell Banks:
– OS Improv Rookie/Performer
-OS Comedic Performance Fall Play
-OS Supporting Male in Musical

Sam Ovens:
-OS Actor in Fall Play
-OS Comedic Performance in Musical

Paige Guikema:
-OS Actress in Fall Play

Shayna Keaton:
-OS Rookie in Fall Play

Barry Crown:
-OS Tech in Fall Play

Annie Seeber:
-OS Crew in Fall Play

Evan Goebel:
-Most Random Act in RAT

Dominick Pellizzon:
-Most Random Act in RAT

Gretchen Shull:
-OS Random Performance in RAT

Caroline Whyte:
-OS Female Lead in Musical

Jake Lohrke:
-OS Male Lead in Musical

Ashlyn Fitch, Amanda Riffe, and Sutton Steensma:
-OS Supporting Female in Musical

Aaron Jachim:
-OS Rookie in Musical

Ian Kastner:
-OS Cast Spirit in Musical

Marc Rabideau:
-OS Dancer in Musical

Lea Smeester:
-OS Ensemble Member in Musical

Emma Hall:
-OS Tech in Musical

Kaley Kaminski:
-OS Production Team Member

Emily Toppen:
-OS Achievement Behind the Scenes
-Theatre Til You Drop

Connor Dowley:
-OS Line Memorization Award

Rachael Schier:
-2016/17 Theatre Class Student

Mary Derwent:
-OS Dedication

Next year’s fall play is Noises Off. It is a production that shows the acting side of each show produced but also shows the crew/tech side of a show.

Next year’s musical will be Peter Pan. It will offer a fun tale, making you feel like you will never want to grow up. With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, it will be a show you won’t want to miss!