Alien: Covenant is over hyped

Alien: Covenant is over hyped

Emma Beck, Assistant Managing Editor of Public Relations

Ridley Scoot, Director of Prometheus comes back with his newest sequel: Alien: Covenant. The movie, in my opinion, was by far not the best movie that I’ve seen. It was over hyped by friends and critics along with the fact that the clips that are used in the trailer are the only good clips in the entire movie. If it was not for the loud surround sound, I probably would have fallen asleep. The movie is a solid two hours and two minutes, way longer than it needs to be, and the ending has no closure. Sure, it is a prequel, but the whole series is made to have an unhappy ending, and I am definitely a fan of the happier ending movies.

Alien: Covenant is considered a sci-fi/ horror movie; yet, the only thing that “scared” me was when an alien popped out of a human body. The effects made in the movie, I will admit, were good but they were very extra. They were over exaggerated and at some points unnecessary.

The acting in the movie was ok at points. However, as I remember, there were a lot of scenes that could have been more dramatic or more emotional. When someone dies, there was little remorse for the fallen and little excitement when someone achieved anything. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be, I never saw the first movie, but in my opinion, the actors could have been more emotional, taking their role as characters to a further depth.

The movie itself made an unspectacular $36 million over its opening weekend in the US. You may be thinking that is a lot, but in order to create the movie, it cost $96 million; thus leaving them $61 million in debt.

Michael Fassbender plays the main alien, David, and his later copy, Walter. David is the main alien in the first movie Prometheus and makes a return in Alien: Covenant. In Prometheus, the audience follows a group of explorers as they search for the origin of humankind. On their mission, they quickly realize that they are not alone and they are not prepared for the undeniable evil that awaits them. In Alien: Covenant the audience follows a new group of explorers who are in search of an inhabitable planet for their new colony. In their search, they find a planet on the grid that resembles earth, it seems too good to be true, and it is. On this planet, they encounter the lost ship from the first expedition as well as David, the original alien.

The things that the explorers encounter on this new planet change their lives. Not only do they lose multiple crew members, but they also lose control of their ship and are left in sleeping pods under the watchful eye of David. Walter, the replica of David, did not return on the ship with the remaining crew members and in the end, we are left wondering what will happen with the fate of the crew members.

Hopefully, all the questions from this movie will be answered in Prometheus 2, but if not we know we can always look forward to another bad movie ending.