The Sparrows is a breath of fresh air


Along the red cobblestone road that is Wealthy Street, life is abuzz with neighbors chatting happily on the porches of their picturesque houses, hip stores bustling with customers, and the light flow of traffic rumbling over the uneven road. Tucked into the corner of Robey Place and Wealthy Street is the funky, college kid hangout, The Sparrows Cafe. Ten years ago, the cafe was established, and since then people, both locals and tourists, have frequented this peaceful corner for The Sparrows’ charming drinks.
One way to describe their vibe would be rustically hip and welcoming. Genuine smiles and aromatic smells from the savory drinks greeted me immediately upon entry. Still glowing from the warm welcome, I briefly tuned out to my surroundings. But while waiting in line, I looked out across the vast room and suddenly realized how aesthetically pleasing the interior was. Unfinished wood covered nearly every surface, and pronounced bursts of color diverged from the hearty browns and creams of the wood. Flashes of green were scattered throughout the cafe, as it was home to a few plants of varying types, and the comforting red of the large, red menu sign and wide-mouthed mugs were perfectly accented against the natural colors.

As their description on Google suggests, The Sparrows Cafe is a partial new stand, but I couldn’t even begin to guess how much reading material it really had. Shelves of book spanned the back wall, and the bright, inviting magazine covers enticed customers to take a closer look. Topics ranging from romance magazines to scientific journals were provided, so as to appease the reading wants of all types of people, and The Sparrows certainly attracts a wide spectrum of people.

Engaged customers settled into their own little corner with a signature red mug of coffee or tea. Many chattered amiably and smiled cheerily, obviously relishing their companion or companions’ presence. Light laughter and conversation from the jovial groups kept the cafe from silence, and it brought a fresh vitality into the atmosphere of the cafe. Then there were the focused bookworms who were quietly engrossed by their books and nestled into the farthest corners. Nose in a book and a mug in hand, these people seemed to be eagerly flipping pages in complete suspense as to the story held on the next page.

Thankfully, on their eye-catching, red board, their menu included an assortment of both classic and unconventional hot drinks. Defined as a honey and lavender latte, Lady Lazarus caught my attention, but when the time came to make a decision, I ended up choosing their homemade chai latte. Although chai lattes are a typical drink, The Sparrows’ version was surprisingly distinctive from the usual chai latte. While many are exceedingly sweet, this version turned its focus towards a richer foam and creamier milk combined the soothing tastes of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. With every sip I took for their chai latte, I could myself slowly relaxing as if I was curled up in a blanket on a chilly day.

Although The Sparrows Cafe is decently far from Cascade, it was such relief from the stressful week before exams. For a relaxing cafe to study in, The Sparrows Cafe is among the best, and it is clearly a breath of fresh aid from the usual Starbucks.