Sydney Verlinde’s perspective on life changed through art


Sarah Obermeyer, Managing Editor of Photography

From the marching formations on the football field to playing with charcoal in the art room, everything is art to senior Sydney Verlinde. Every day, Sydney is surrounded with the creative process due to her being involved with drawing, photography and being a drum major for FHC band.

“Art and music are two of the most important things in my life,” Sydney said. “Being both an artist and a musician has made me completely fallen in love with life.”

Sydney admits that all three art forms took time, patience and practice to get to the level where she is today. Now, she gracefully takes on more responsibility in a band leadership position and in AP art.

With having so much on her plate, Sydney’s days are jammed pack with practices, projects but most importantly, her passions. However, due to careful planning and support from her family, Sydney finds that stress is not a large issue for her.

“Honestly, I find myself not very stressed out a lot of the time,” Sydney said. “I don’t really know if it’s either I don’t know I’m stressed or I don’t really feel stressed so that’s a good thing. Occasionally, I’ll be like, ‘oh my gosh freak out!’ But a lot of the times, I’m just fine.”

Sydney has found that the arts have helped improve her connections with the people around her. With family and friends, she feels that the connections with her loved ones have strengthened due to the overwhelming support she receives from them. In regards to classmates, she feels a new connection with her band mates. Last year, she was not on leadership team in band, which are the section leaders and field commanders. She all the sudden was ‘shoved right in’ to a new role that required new expectations out of her. Although the transition proved difficult, she loves the new relationships she has with people in all grades.

“[Other students are] like, ‘Oh hey! I know who you are. You lead the band!'” Sydney said.

Sydney plans on pursuing both music and art in college. Although no plans are set in stone, she knows her goals and what she would like to do.

“I either want to minor or probably major in something to do with art and that aspect and then at least minor, or keep pursuing music.”

Sydney’s high school experience has been unique, but she’s learned more than the average student.

“It’s unbelievable,” Sydney said. “Art is everywhere… music brings people together. And [music] brings out the best in people. And I am so incredibly grateful that it is part of my world.”