Students put together hurricane relief donation plan for Friday’s tailgate

Katianna Mansfield

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February 16, 2018

With the events that have occurred in the last week or so regarding Hurricane Harvey and the upcoming hurricanes, Irma and Jose, senior student council decided it was time to raise funds for those being directly affected where the hurricanes hit.

“After everything that happened last year with the altercations with FHC and Ottawa Hills,” senior class president Ellie Matellic said, “we wanted to come together with Ottawa Hills for the tailgate and game this Friday to help hurricane victims.”

Due to the short time restraint as the hurricanes appeared last week and this week, and tailgate is Friday, widespread attention is necessary for every FHC student capable of donating to have the ability and option to.

There are four facets of the fundraiser: students’ first hours tomorrow, the tailgate and game tomorrow, Lake Michigan Credit Union’s dollar for dollar matching up to $20,000, and last year’s senior shirts that were sold last night at FHC’s open house.

During first-hour tomorrow morning, teachers will be collecting money from their students to be collected by student council for the hurricane relief fund.

If students are unaware of the first-hour collection, they will have a second chance to donate at the tailgate and football game tomorrow. There will be pink boxes for donations at the entrance when buying tickets, and Ottawa Hills and FHC cheerleaders will team up and make their way through the stands to collect donations from attendees.

Last night at open house, T-shirts were sold; all of those proceeds will be donated as well.

After every donation is collected and put together, the funds will be donated at Lake Michigan Credit Union. They will be matching every donation raised, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. This will double the donations from FHC, and these donations will go to Red Cross.

“There are millions and millions of dollars in damage from the hurricanes, and insurance doesn’t cover hurricane relief,” Ellie said. “So many people are in need; we’re just trying to relieve some of the pressure.”

Look for the pink boxes, and make sure to bring money to donate either tomorrow morning during first hour, at the tailgate, or the football game.

Spread the word, the hurricane victims of Harvey, Irma, and Jose need as much help as the world can provide.