Pit Stop: The BBQ Eatery


Walking up the steps towards the old fashioned barbeque shop, I stared the Pit Stop’s signature metal pig dead in the eyes.  This was my first ever time dining in this BBQ eatery, and boy was I in for a treat.  The service, the seating, the atmosphere, the price and the exceptional food made my Thursday night meal one of fine dining.

Walking through the Pit Stop door, I found myself being greeted in unison by numerous smiling faces. I was welcomed into the restaurant and greeted instantly.  Walking right up to the counter, I had my order taken quickly and watched as the amiable workers prepared me a feast before my gazing eyes.  My meal was made instantly in only a matter of seconds.  I purchased an ice cold beverage, grabbed some silverware and napkins, and retired to the tables outside.


Walking out of the BBQ shop, I headed for one of many picnic tables. These tables were assorted all around the outside of the diner with numerous seating options.  This happened to be a hot and sunny day, so I chose a spot in the shade.  These seats weren’t the most comfortable, but they definitely served their purpose. I sat pleasantly away from the crowd, avoiding the many distractions, to focus solely on my meal.

The Pit Stop seemed to have an excellent, family friendly atmosphere.  All around me I saw numerous people of all ages.  The workers were all friendly and extremely helpful.  Entering the diner, I was met with genial “hellos” and leaving the restaurant I was sent off with affectionate “goodbyes”.  This  small BBQ diner gave off a comfortable vibe that was extremely welcoming to all.

The Pit Stop’s mouthwatering grub will leave your taste buds jumping for joy. They offer multiple meats, from pulled pork, to brisket, to BBQ chicken.  Along with these tasty treats, you have the choice of two quality sides. The customers choices range from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes (my personal favorite), from baked beans or coleslaw.  To top off this mighty fine meal, an assortment of ice cold beverages are optional. If you’re looking for some amazing food for just a minimum price, I highly recommend the Pit Stop. For just ten dollars, the customer receives a beverage, a plethora of tasty meats, and two large sides. This small diner definitely gives the customer a bang for their buck. Leaving the Pit Stop, I felt as stuffed as if I had just scarfed down a Thanksgiving meal.

Overall, the Pit Stop provided me an excellent dining experience.  It exceeded my expectations for only being a small BBQ shop, and I highly recommended it to anyone who enjoys exceptional food.  The atmosphere, the price ranges, the seating, the food and the service  were all well above my standards.  The Pit Stop leaves you wanting more, even though you have no room left in your stomach.