Player Profile: Luke Peterson


Name: Luke Peterson

Sport: Varsity Soccer

Grade: Senior

Position: Defender

Why do you play soccer?

“I play soccer because I enjoy the sport and it is a great way to stay in shape for track in the spring.”

What is your favorite part about being on the soccer team?

“I love just being part of the team in general. Seeing my teammates everyday makes it that much easier to play with them when it comes to game time.”

What is your goal for this season?

“For me, it is to grow as both a soccer player and person throughout the season, and to hopefully make a deep run in the playoffs.”

What is your favorite part of FHC?

“My favorite part about FHC is all of the people here and how welcoming both the teachers and students are.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I am still waiting to hear from colleges, but as of right now I do not have any plans of playing soccer in college.”

Who is your favorite soccer player?

“Abby Wambach.”

What is your favorite candy?

“Personally my favorite candy is probably either Jolly Ranchers or Bit-O-Honey.