Staff and the glory days: Todd Hartman


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Football and baseball are two completely different sports, so what made you start playing them?

“Growing up those where two out of the three most popular sports to play. I started playing baseball when I was 8 years old and started playing football when I was in 5th grade. We didn’t have a lot of other sports at the time like lacrosse or field hockey. Those where the three main sports played in neighborhoods at the time and I was horrible at basketball. They would never pass me the ball so I decided to play baseball and football and really that’s because that’s what we grew up playing.”

Who was your biggest support system while playing these sports?

“My biggest support system would be my parents, especially my dad. He played football and coached in college and I wanted to be like him. We would always play catch in the backyard [with me] and he coached a couple of my teams growing up. Both of my parents helped get me to practices and games, but really my dad because I wanted to be just like him.”

How were you able to earn a spot to play your sports in college?

“I went to GRCC and played there for two years. When I came out of high school I wasn’t as big as I should have been to play, [I was] 5’11 190 pounds. I went to GRCC for 2 years then started to lift and workout and got a lot faster and stronger. So then I got offered a scholarship at GVSU.

How did playing football help you in college?

“Teamwork, commitment, hard work, and accountability. I was able to take all those things I learned from sports and play it to school, work, and even as a father and husband.”

What’s it like coaching at FHC even though you went to Catholic Central?

“Now I bleed green instead of blue. If anything, I want to beat Catholic because I went there.”

What is a quote you say a lot to your players?

“Players make plays”

You coach both football and baseball here at FHC and teach; do you try to keep these roles separate?

“I don’t, I actually think that’s why I like coaching so much because athletics is an extension of the classroom with life lessons that I can teach the kids. Then I can see them in the hallways and form relationships with kids I would normally not. I think it’s awesome I can teach and coach in the same building because I meet the families, the kids, brothers, siblings and form a relationship with the whole family.”

From high school, college, and coaching what is your biggest athletic accomplishment?

“Working my way to becoming a starter at GVSU. I transferred in as a sophomore from GRCC so I had two years of eligibility left. My junior year I was on a lot of the special teams and I was second string. Then my senior year I earned a starting position.