TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Day 5 – Ashlyn Korpak

Over the 15 school days leading up to Thanksgiving, each member of The Central Trend’s staff will release a list of 5-15 people who inspire, motivate, or brighten our days. Today- Day 5- features Ashlyn Korpak and her list of five people who constantly enhance her day.


Ms. Williamson –

I was a scared freshman.

I felt lost as I tirelessly tried to find my place in high school.

I am forever grateful to you for helping me find it.

I am indebted to you for giving me a class to look forward to and a teacher I really respected.

I am awed by how real you are, and how true to yourself you stay.

I love how your personality, so similar to my own, shines through in every lesson.

I am thankful for you.


Ms. Wierenga –

I was so surprised at how quickly you became such an important part of my day.

I never expected to enjoy learning from a student teacher as much as I have loved learning from you.

I am so grateful that you came and broke down my preconceived notions about student teachers with your abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

I am awed by how much you love what you do and how much passion you have for teaching.

I know that you will change lives as a teacher, and I know this because you have already begun to change mine.

I am thankful for you.


Nisha –

I can’t say I thought working with you would work.

I am so, so happy that it has.

I don’t know what I’d do without you helping me in The Central Trend.

I love how we balance each other out; your calm to cool down my crazy.

I am so excited to continue working with you.

I am so thankful for how you have accepted me.

I am thankful that you have always been a friend to me.

I am thankful for you.


Kelsey Toole –

I don’t get chemistry.

I struggle every day but I am always too nervous to voice my questions or I don’t know how to word them.

I am so thankful to you for asking the questions I can not voice.

I am forever grateful to you for helping me in Chemistry class without even knowing it.

I am thankful for you.


Mr. Garbowitz –

I have never in my life looked forward to a math class, that is until this year.

I never thought I could find joy in math or look forward to it.

I was shocked to find how much I enjoyed learning math this year, you teach at my pace, and if I understand something quickly, you let me work ahead instead of making me work with the class.

I love that your teaching style adapts to every kind of student.

I am forever grateful to you for showing me that I could love math.

I am thankful for you.