TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Day 7 – Susannah Bennett

Over the 15 school days leading up to Thanksgiving, each member of The Central Trend’s staff will release a list of 5-15 people who inspire, motivate, or brighten our days. Today- Day 7- features Susannah Bennett and her list of nine people who constantly enhance her day.


Mr. Scholten – for being the teacher who treats me with the utmost patience and thoughtfulness

The thing that never ceases to amaze me about Mr. Scholten is his consistently patient, slightly amused, and kind nature. Nearly every single day, I pester him with what feels like hundreds of questions, some relevant and others not so much. Regardless of how many questions there are or how repetitive they are, every question is calmly answered, accompanied with a little grin and a steadfast patience. Where many teachers would get frustrated and overwhelmed, Mr. Scholten is always an amazingly sweet and organized teacher with a hint of humor.

Andy Travis – for radiating positivity

Andy Travis is just one of those amazing people who is capable of doing everything. Despite this talent, his humility and genuine sweetness are what stands out most about him. Last year, my day was always brightened because of his constant smile. Andy’s smile is one that lights up his whole face with happiness. He is honestly one of the sweetest and happiest people that I’ve ever met, and his cheerfulness is something that I’m truly grateful for.

Mariah Hykin – for being the person whose compassion and kindness are unparalleled and completely admirable

Mariah Hykin is the definition of grace and loveliness. With her thoughtful and sweet-tempered nature, she welcomes everyone she meets into her life with open arms and an open heart. I absolutely adore her character, compassion for people, and ability to stay true to who she is at her core. Although she is younger than me, Mariah is one of my biggest role models. Each and every day I hope to live out my life as graciously as her.

Kiah Becker – for being the girl who is unique in every way

With her yellow crocs and lovable momness, Kiah Becker stands out in my mind as quirky and spontaneous in every way, contrasting the often dreary and monotonous essence of modern society. Her passion for everything that she is involved in is a constant motivation for people around, especially me. While some runners move with a deeply felt tension and intensity, Kiah is overflowing with sheer joy for all aspects of running, smiling, and encouraging others, even in the midst of tough situations. I’m always so grateful for her mid-race because even when we’re racing against each other, she finds a way to push me to keep going or to encourage me to stay with her when I fall behind.

Mason – for being the one who’s quiet and mysterious

I just met Mason on Saturday at theater, and already I appreciate him so much for his quiet reassurance. I’m so excited for him to start high school in the theater world filled with such a supportive community of people. Generally, when I see him backstage, I see him equipped with a shy smile; a quality that invites people to get to know his easy going personality. Among the chaos of backstage in theater, he has never wavered from his quiet amusement and kind smile.

Kirsten Fentske – for being a person of high energy and soaring spirits

Whenever life gets a little too dull, Kirsten is there to make any day more lively and full of laughter. Her overall goofiness lightens up the world around her, and her infectiously joyous mood constantly solicits an eruption of giggles and smiles from me. When life has got me down, Kirsten is the one who can cheer me up with her randomness and pure happiness.

Emily Goorley – for being the person who encourages and positively guides me

Emily Goorley is possibly the most perfect human that I’ve ever met in my life. Her personality is the best combination of kindness, hard work, motivation, supportiveness, creativity, compassion, integrity, and stability. Even when the world has been turned upside down with stress, Emily is the one who organizes and restores the world from its chaos. I’m so thankful for her especially in high-stress situations because of her calm and comforting personality.

Mrs. Donovan – for being the person whose care and love for the world are beyond measure

For Mrs. Donovan, her mission is to feed the world, and to that effect, she does exactly that. No matter what program, sport, or extracurricular, she comes armed with loads of food, ready to feed the hoards of people. They say that the best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach, and I can say without a doubt that Mrs. Donovan has been embedded into the hearts of students at FHC.

Katie Knister – for being the girl with the peppy confidence and unwavering support

With her sage advice and ability to lend an ear at a moment’s notice, Katie Knister is basically a sister, therapist, and friend all rolled into one. I know she’ll always have my back and my best interest at heart despite the 140-mile difference from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor. She has made such a definite impact on my life, and although I miss her, I know that she is exactly where she needs to be. From the letters we write each other, it’s blatantly obvious that her raw talent and compassionate heart are flourishing at the University of Michigan and in the Ann Arbor community.