TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Day 16 – Ken George

To conclude “TCT’s The Countless Thanks,” here’s TCT adviser Ken George’s big thanks to his students and family.


Ken George

To my second hour:

Thanks to Grant for your positivity, Duncan for your focus, John for your growth, Tony for your unparalleled work ethic, Kris for your quiet confidence, Ethan for your maturity, Ellie for your sense of humor, Harry for your energy, Shane for your friendliness, Bryce for your thank yous, Dana for your fist bumps, Katharine for your intelligent questions, Eli for your insightful comments, Nicole for your smile, David for your effort, Ethan for your energy, Jason for putting up with me twice a day, Alex for your growth as a public speaker, Avery for always asking how I’m doing, Jackson for your realness (if that’s a word), Lauren for always saying hi, Jacob for your great questions, Rebekah for your ambition and pleasant disposition, Aspen for your commitment to always giving your best, Logan for your genuine kindness and generosity, Susan for your quiet and sneaky sense of humor, Mitch for your teachability and coachability, and Kyler for always giving your best and your positive attitude.

To my 3rd hour:

Thanks to Peter for your leadership, Cole for your sincerity, Jamie for your positive approach to obstacles, Arianna for your intensity, Karly for your enthusiasm for life, Grant for your unassuming confidence, Zak for your creativity, TJ for your passion, Micah for your willingness to take a risk, Brendan for your charisma, Maya for stopping in to say hello all the time, Nick for your consistent positivity, Eli for being a great friend, Cope for your engaging personality and cooking skills, Nic for asking about baseball, Zuriel for your toughness for the past five months, Chris for your maturity and work ethic, Shay for your genuine compassion, Trevor for your hard work in class, Johnny for your ubiquitous smile and laugh, Isaac for stepping up, Jessica for your reliability, Caitlin for fighting and fighting and always smiling, Tommy for giving me your best all the time, Kaia��Enna for your friendly conversations, Veronica for being a friend to all, Noah for your consistency, and Olivia for sharing your amazing artistic abilities with me.

To my 5th hour:

Thanks to Grant for your collegiate approach to school, Nicolai for your energy and passion, Amanda for getting up there and doing it!, Hannah for studying so hard, Anna for your honesty and desire for greatness, Jordyn for being the best surprise this year, Jasmine for loving life, Dylan for fighting through summer reading that you didn’t know existed, Ellie for talking with me every day, Ashlyn for your love of your family and passion for life, Carolyn for your quiet intensity and intelligence, Will for adding so much to my classroom, Cakki for believing that I believe in you, Izzy for stepping up and going for it, Megan for always giving me your best, Merjem for our daily chats about life, Zac for getting your voice heard, Sarah for asking me every single day how I’m doing, Euraziah for your engaging and interesting points of view on life, Finn for your generosity and kindness, Haisley for your passion for life, Sam for fighting through and giving your best, Katie for stopping in to say goodbye every single school day on your way out, and Dylan for being a quiet leader and motivator.

To my 4th hour:

Thanks to Bryce for your humility and kindness when you have so much to be cocky about, Courtney for your smile and absolute obsession with doing your best, Lynlee for stepping out of your comfort zone, Erin for your talent and compassion and kindness, Jay for your creativity and passion as a writer, Moise for being one of the most focused students I know, Elise for signing up for my class and showing your awesome writing talent, Zoe for your giggles and your energy and your jump shot, Ally for your excitement about everything we do, Mozelle for not wanting to let me down, Audrey for your kindness and compassion for others, Abby for letting us see all of your emotions and gifts and talents, Maizey for being so strong and smiling through it all, Summer for being the kindest student I’ve ever known, Sarah for starting our “Hug a Freshman” Fridays and for your leadership in class, and Abby for trusting me and for being diligent and courageous.

To my TCT Staff:

Thanks to Susannah for smiling every day and changing everyone around you for the better, Soph for always thinking of others before yourself at an age when that is not the norm, JB for your quiet demeanor that hides a hilarious girl, Ali for your talents as a writer and as a friend, Molly for your dedication, laughter, talent and focus, Payton for changing your entire schedule so you could spend an hour in my room, Tobey for your friendship with Ty for so many years, Krystal for your dedication and passion and toughness, Kati for making everyone else feel like the most important person in the room, Sam for being with me from the start, Emily for passionately caring about what is right while giving everything you have for FHC, Sarah for your talent and kindness and passion, Nisha for arriving in my room at the exact right time and then making sacrifice after sacrifice to stay there, Kate for your genuine desire to do well and be great, Madison for sharing my love of Biggby like nobody else, Remy for coming back to Room 139 and for always smiling, Alaina for your dedication and for stepping up so much this year, Nick for your quiet and stealthy sense of humor, Wiltj for inviting Ty and I into your tennis world, Alex for coming back to the TCT and sharing your writing skills with our community, and Irene for sharing your writing talent with TCT and taking my class even though you can’t actually take it because you already have eight other classes.

To my Editors in Chief:

Thank you, Hannah, for leading, motivating, and organizing this talented staff. You have been a life-changer for so many of us, and this record-setting TCT year would never have happened without you setting the tone. Your legacy will live on forever in Room 139 and at FHC. You are truly one of the most gifted leaders I have ever worked with.

Thank you, Reena, for your talent and commitment. The bell rings to end the day, and you don’t move. You have a knack for getting the most out of those around you without being overbearing, and your talent is immeasurable. I’m so thankful for your sacrifices to make TCT part of your schedule and life.

Thank you, Jake, for making the FHC Sports Report a priority in your life. Your commitment has multiplied in my room because you have motivated an entire staff of writers to give their best. Your growth as a leader has truly been a joy to watch. I’m so proud of you, and you inspire me to be better every day.

To my family:

Thanks, Meg, for 24 years of sacrifice. Rangerball dominates our lives from November to March, and you have made it a family affair as Team Mom and number one supporter. You work full time, parent full time, and still find time to make me feel like the luckiest man. I knew you were out of my league the day I met you, but that didn’t stop me from trying. You are my everything.

Thanks, Ty, for making the right choices and for your dedication to your family and friends. You will never understand (until you have children someday) how proud and honored I am to be your coach and teacher. You are a loyal friend, brother, and son. I love you, and I’m cherishing the time we get to spend together during your senior year. I know you are on your way to greatness.

Thanks, Jordan, for staying in touch every day even while you’re away at Hope. You have no idea how much I appreciate our daily talks– even when neither of us has much new to report. I’m honored and humbled that you want to teach and coach. I know you will spend your lifetime helping others get more out of themselves. I can think of no better life to live.