Sophomore Suchir Gupta finds passion in mathematics


It’s hard at a young age to know what you want to do with your future, but sophomore Suchir Gupta is laying the foundations by pursuing his passions day by day.

Like most students at a young age, Suchir had been searching for a hobby that stuck and felt true to his person, and that’s exactly when he started tennis. From 3rd grade onward, Suchir has continued with tennis, bringing him to this year when the tennis team finished 4th at states.

“I had been switching around between sports,” Suchir said. “I played basketball for a while one year, and then I played soccer for a few years, and then I was looking for a sport to actually commit to and play for the rest of middle school, high school, and the rest of my life. My brother was playing tennis, so I thought I’d try it.”

Suchir’s older brother, Ruchir, brought him to more than just tennis. With their close bond over the years, Suchir found that he was also interested in some of his brother’s passions, such as mathematics.

“I started out doing math at a really young age, before I was even in preschool,” Suchir said. “My parents signed me up for a tutoring program called Kumon, and I would do these math packets.”

Suchir now tutors at Kumon, and has taken his talent for math a step further this year, by starting the math club at FHC. By starting the club, he was able to share his love for math at school.

I see math as an art form.”

— Suchir Gupta

“I started [math club] because I thought it would be a great opportunity for people to get more involved in math and transition math from something I’m good at to something that I’d really like to do,” Suchir said. “People of any level can fit in and find a place at math club.”

Suchir plans to apply his love of math to his future. With hopes of becoming involved in the mathematical side of computer programming, math will hold a consistent place in Suchir’s life for the foreseeable future.

In addition to his excellence in math, Suchir is an above-average student throughout all of his schooling. Taking AP World History as a sophomore, he has found that, although history interests him, his preference in learning history leads back to his analytical mind.

“I like history; I think it’s really interesting,” Suchir said. “But the thing is, for me to understand history, I need to see the whole big picture and see the purpose and reason [for events].”

For Suchir, all roads lead to math, and he’s happy to find comfort in his dedication to it.

“I’ve really gotten more involved in math in the past year,” Suchir said. “When people think of math, most people think about equations and stuff. But when someone says math to me, I see it. [It’s like] when someone says they can see what you’re saying. In math, there are different representations for everything. So a function is a function in an equation, but it’s also a graph, an area, and it’s all integral, and I see math as an art form.”