Humans of FHC: Rachel Lynch


“One day, I was sitting in band, and I got bored. So I was seeing if I could stick my finger into parts of my instrument- my alto saxophone- to see if I could get it in and out. Well, I kept doing that, I got it in a couple times, out a couple times, and then I got it stuck between two keys. And I was just yanking it, and I asked the person next to me “Can you help me?a�� and she just started laughing. And then the teacher goes “Girls, shh be quiet.’ And then I said “I got my finger stuck.a�� And then she started laughing and crying because she thought it was so funny. Then she was telling the class that she never thought when she was going to college that she would need to know how to get a finger unstuck from an instrument. And then we had to get valve oil, and it took at least 20 minutes to get it out, and everyone was just laughing the whole time. It was great.”