Humans of FHC: Soren Dominczak


“So in middle school, [specifically in] seventh grade, me and JT were going to the bathroom one day. The bell rang while we were in the bathroom, so we just decided to stay to not be late. And then, the school had a whole school-wide hunt for us. We just played on our phones, and they never found us. One lady walked into the bathroom [while they were trying to find us], so we just quickly put our feet up, and then she just walked out. [We found out that they were looking for us] because the next day they called us down to the office, and they said ‘We had a school-wide hunt for you boys yesterday.’ We told them that we were just going to the bathroom for a long time and that we were scared to go back to class. The time was up, the bell had already rung, and our teacher would’ve been mad.”