Player Profile: Sarah Hubble


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Sarah Hubble

Grade: Senior

Sport: Competitive Cheer

How long have you been cheering for? What is your stunting position?

I’ve been cheering since 3rd grade. I’m a flyer.”

Who inspired you to start?

My mom signed me up and I fell in love with it.”

What is your favorite cheer memory?

“My favorite cheer memory is finding out I made varsity freshman year.”

What is the difference between sideline and competitive cheer?

“Sideline is more about cheering for the football players and getting the crowd involved, competitive is about execution and perfection. We work super hard to make sure each and every little thing is exactly the same in each round and that all of our timing is on. Competitive is a lot more work and all about memorizing your spot.”

What is your favorite round in competitive cheer? Why?

My favorite round is round 3 because I love flying. Round 3 is the only round we’re allowed to stunt in.”

How do you feel about FHC having their own competitive team this year?

I love that we’re starting our own competitive team this year. We have a lot of talent and I’m confident we will start the program off strong. I can’t wait to see where this season takes us.”

What three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess? Why?

Positivity, strong work ethic, and skill.”

Why do you want to cheer for high school as opposed to an all star program?

“As a cheerleader, you represent your school. It’s important to be positive and kind to everyone to get rid of the “stupid, mean cheerleader” stigma that Hollywood movies portray cheerleaders as. You must be determined to work hard or else your team won’t do well at competitions, which is really the point of them; and of course it’s important to have the skill set required to be a cheerleader.”

What do you think are the team’s best quality?

I think as a team we are super encouraging to each other. When someone isn’t quite getting something or a girl gets a new skill, we’re always there to help out or cheer each other on.”

Do you plan on continuing cheer through college?

I plan on cheering at Western Michigan University in the fall.”