Humans of FHC: Amanda Riffe


“[In the Teacher Cadet Program], my second-grade class doesn’t really understand the concept of contacts. So, some days I’ll wear my glasses, and some days I’ll wear my contacts. One day, a girl came up to me, stuck her fingers in front of my face, and asked me, “how many fingers am I holding up?” I said, “I can see; I have contacts in.” She proceeded to keep backing up to see if I could see. The whole class was like “can you see me over here?” They think I’m blind when I don’t have my glasses on. I was trying to show them my contacts, but they just didn’t understand that I could see. I’m with second graders at Ada Elementary. They are so sweet and so kind. Honestly, they all really love to learn, and they are always ready to learn. They are just really energetic and fun; it’s a great part of my day.”