Zion Williamson – the decision


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Ty George, Sports Report

Zion Williamson

Below is the list of schools that Zion currently has on his list of schools that he could commit to. With Zion committing on January 20th, we will elaborate on where we believe he will commit.



South Carolina




Tobey- Personally, I believe Zion will stay in state and commit to a school in South Carolina. Whether it is South Carolina or Clemson. With everybody knowing and predicting him to declare for the NBA draft after his freshman year, it just makes sense for him to stay home and run the show at a less prestigious school in order to raise his draft stock. Although Clemson is a better team, I believe Zion will commit to South Carolina due to the fact that former Louisville player Brian Bowen enrolled recently to South Carolina due to scandals. With star Brian Bowen there, Zion would only add to this team and I think that is going to be the deciding factor.

Nick – I believe the High School phenom, who is from South Carolina, will stay in state. He will choose Clemson or South Carolina over the numerous amounts of other schools that have offered him. The reason he will stay in state is, obviously, to stay closer to home. He will also stay in state because he knows after his freshman year he will be declaring for the NBA Draft. It won’t matter what college Zion decides to go to; he will dominate anywhere he goes and will be in the NBA within three years. He is a very special type of a player that rarely ever comes around. He is being compared to Lebron James.