Fortnite – replacing sports games


Ty George, Sports Reporter

Over the past month Fortnite has taken over the video game world. It is literally an epidemic throughout the nation. Fortnite has taken over and become more popular than most sports games, such as NBA 2k18 and Madden 18. Sports video games has taken a backseat to this versatile game that has teens buzzing. Coming into the new year Fortnite is planning to be the number 1 game for teens. It has completely obliterated the ideas of any other game due to the simple fact that it is fun and most importantly free. The game is based around 100 people fighting until there is only one left. There is one map but a lot of different areas to land on the map. Each player is dropped out of the air and you can control where you land on the map. Once in the map it’s a free for all to survive. There are different strategies based off of building, killing, or hiding. You can choose to play by yourself or in squads with your friends.



  • One strategy Fortnite users use is they will run around aimlessly looking for kills. Once they kill kill is confirmed the killer can go and take all their gear. This will set them up for the rest of the game and beyond.
  • A major strategy with those players is the strategy of hiding in bushes every time you have to move to get into the moving circle. This technique can almost guarantee you a top 10 finish every time. No one is smart enough or patient enough to check all of the bushes. This technique takes patience and time but it can pay off in the long run.
  • Another major strategy is building bases and chilling back to see what is going on everywhere else. This strategy of sitting back and doing completely nothing is a very boring but effective strategy.


Solo vs Squads

Solo- Solo is definitely harder due to the main fact that you are playing by yourself with 99 other people. With solos you are forced to do everything by yourself instead of in squads where you can break up and have different jobs. At times solo gets boring because you are alone without your friends or online companions.


Squads- Squads is what most people play and get together with their friends to play. Squads consist of 4 players who can play online together or when they aren’t together. With squads it’s easier to win because you have reinforcements of your other squad members. Also, working together you can get more supplies and share health with each other. Once each player in your squad dies then you lose, but if you have a really good member then they can carry the team.

For people who don’t play XBOX or Playstation their is a phone game that recently came out similar to Fortnite. It is called “Rules of Survival.” It’s clearly no Fortnite, but it gives those who are addicted to Fortnite a little dose of it when they are away from home.

One of the most important things when winning fortnite is to instantly take a picture and put it on your snapchat story. It is actually a new wave that has been going on for a while now.