Humans of FHC: Anna Breaugh


“On the choir trip to Disney, my friend Ella woke up in the middle of the night, looked at me, and started saying, “Guys, we’re in the line.a�� She was yelling at me, and I asked her what she was talking about because we weren’t in a line. We were in our hotel room and in bed. She just kept saying, “No, we’re in the line. We need to get the fast passes.a�� I had to keep yelling at her that we weren’t in a line, we are in the hotel room. To add-on to it, my other friend, Sami, wakes up and starts yelling the same thing as Ella. They both started laughing, and I was so confused and thought they were pranking me, but they weren’t. They were actually sleep-talking and sleep-laughing. The next day they woke up and said they didn’t remember a thing. It was pretty weird.”