Lauren Rowell uses poetry as a way to explore and express herself

Katianna Mansfield

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I am okay now
February 16, 2018

With the emergence of FHC’s new poetry club, into the light comes students who have an intrinsic passion for poetry that goes past academic units and assignments and has become a part of them. One such student is senior Lauren Rowell.

Lauren’s early experiences and influences led her to become highly interested in poetry, and it has continued to help her in life as she grows older.

Her older sister, Ashlyn, was a large contributor to Lauren’s fascination as she is an avid lover of English and has always enjoyed reading her sister’s poems. Ashlyn’s passion inspired Lauren to write poems herself. From there, she simply spiraled off on her own.`

“It’s not like I’ve always been big on writing; sometimes I’m more interested in writing than others depending on how much free time and inspiration I have,” Lauren said. “I’ve been really into watching slam poetry videos since I first discovered it my freshman year. Since then, it’s been similar to music to me in a way. If I can’t find the words to express myself, I can almost always find a video of a slam poem about what I’m feeling, and I feel less alone.”

Poetry is often used as an outlet for emotions and thoughts that aren’t easily brought up, something the author wants or needs to express but feels they can’t.

Lauren typically uses poetry to bring a voice to her intense feelings, and what results are poems that have deep meaning and significance to her.

“I feel like a lot of high schoolers just kind of brush [poetry] off thinking it’s lame, but it’s gotten me through a lot,” Lauren said.

Whenever Lauren feels overwhelmed by something happening in her life and cannot stop thinking about it, she puts it into words on paper or screen. It helps her to process the issue, and afterward, she doesn’t think about it as much.

After joining Poetry Club, she is much more comfortable with herself and sharing her poems with others. Before, she considered herself more of a closet poet because she thought poetry was only something she did and that it made her weird for doing it.

“I love the atmosphere there; we all pass around our poems, and everyone is really encouraging,” Lauren said. “If you want, you can read yours aloud. I really enjoy doing that. I’ve always loved watching those slam poetry videos, and now that I have a space where I can dabble in it myself– I’m really happy.”