Culver’s: Welcome to Delicious

Culver's: Welcome to Delicious

Sam Hopkins, Staff Writer

Upon discovering that I would be taking a trip down 28th street to Culver’s for dinner, my day had only been mediocre. Nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. That was all about to change at approximately 6:15 when I would be taking my first bites into the mouthwatering burger sitting inches from my famished tastebuds.

The service at Culver’s this particular day was at tip top shape.  At the register, I was greeted by a jolly employee who took my order, and would later escort my food to me just instances later.  This certain employee did an excellent job serving me and meeting my demands.  He was joyous throughout my whole dining experience, as if he had just received a grand raise.

Sinking my teeth into the delectable double cheeseburger was possibly the highlight of an already significant tuesday afternoon.  The perfect assortment of patties, pickles and pretzel buns, this double cheeseburger was luscious when it reached my lips.

The cost at the end of my meal was a bargain. Paying only $7.98, I received an exquisite burger, a hefty amount of fries and a monstrous root beer.

My overall dining experience that tuesday afternoon was a complete success. Culver’s had provided me with friendly service and first class food, all at an easily affordable price.