Humans of FHC: Timothy Barnes


“My favorite part [about being in the musical] is new friends and having fun. I love being an actor. I was kind of nervous going into the show but not really. I’m basically best friends with everyone now. I love hanging out with Ashlyn [Fitch] because she’s Peter Pan, and it’s fun to be around her. I also love sharing a dressing room with most people but mostly Elena [Nasser]. [I was surprised] that we have dressing rooms because I thought we were all going to be in one area together. Mrs. DeMeester is so nice and kind; she’s so fun to be with. She really loved me so much, and then she picked me [for the musical] because she loves me. [Kaley Kaminski] and Hannah [Derwent] have supported me the most because they’re the helpers who help me get me unhooked from flying wires and all that. [Peter Pan] is a fun show, and we’ve worked really hard. I think people should come.”

(First Grade)