Humans of FHC: Jayden Bonsall


“I joined rowing [this year]. I’m a novice; I’m the only junior. It was kind of stressful because I didn’t know anything, and they had all been training for weeks and weeks. I joined, and that same week they had a regatta. So I had gone on the rowing machines for three or four days, and then I had to do a regatta, which is rowing the 1500 [on the machines]. They had been preparing for it for weeks– maybe even months [because of] pre-season conditioning, which I didn’t do. So I just hopped right in real quick, and that was kind of stressful, but now it’s fine.

I like it, and the coaches are nice. I’ve met some new people– a lot of freshmen because I can’t really talk to the upperclassmen because it’s a lot different. [Varsity] is on the water at different times and different boats. So I kind of see people I know, but for the most part, I’m with freshmen. Some of them are really cool, and I can actually relate to them a lot. [We have] a lot in common. I’m an outgoing person for the most part, so I [could] get along with them and make new friends. Obviously, I had to be with them every day for almost three hours a day, so I needed to make some new friends or else it would’ve been a rough season.

I’m not sure [if I’m going to continue crew next year]. I’m just kind of going with the flow of things and how everything pans out. But I like it so far. It’s just really time-consuming. That’s like the one thing; it’s way more time-consuming than I thought it would be. They said practice would be two hours, but it ends up being two and a half– almost three. [Also], my hands are messed up from it. Probably the worst part is the blisters, but all the other girls can relate. All the varsity girls are like, “Oh honey, that’s nothing.a��

Basically, joining a new sport was hard at first. It was a little bit overwhelming and stressful because of how quickly I had to overcome and adapt. But for the most part, I’m happy I joined the sport, and there’s a lot of cool people in it. The coaches are really nice, and it’s a good way to spend your time on the water. And it took me out of my comfort zone because I kind of had a small fear of boats. But they’re actually really cool. And now I understand all the lingo; that’s kind of nice. [It’s the] “Crew Language.a�� Now I know it. Basically, I joined a new sport and learned a new language.”