Small Victories

Small Victories

As the mornings and nights blend together during these cold winter months, suddenly our beds seem to be that much harder to get out of, our motivation becomes that much harder to find, and our lackadaisical tendencies become that much harder to resist. The drowsy complaints of students become that much louder. The “doctor appointments” and sick days become that much more frequent.

And with 5 months, 14 days, 20 hours, 50 minutes and 27 seconds until graduation, I could not identify with the above paragraph any more if I tried. The question of “What’s the point in being here?” rings in my head almost as consistently as the school bell does through the halls.

While some of this thinking is typical of the average teenager, it can prove to be a pretty dangerous train of thought; one that could lead you to a darker place than the 6 a.m. December sky.

That’s why it is so paramount to search for something to look forward to each day. An event as simple as conversing with your best friend in your fourth hour or savoring your favorite dinner after school can be the difference between dreading your alarm in the morning and waking up knowing that you can handle today.

As important small, daily victories are to your mental health, more sizeable celebrations are just as necessary. Looking forward to the study date you have with your friends after school gets you through the day but the anticipation of Christmas break gets your through the month, Spring Break through the season, and Graduation through the year.