The KDL: The Perfect Place For Homework


Jon Pearcy, Staff Writer

For a long time, libraries were a staple of the American community. They were collectives of knowledge, gathering places for meetings, or a quiet place to work. What may surprise many people is that they still are.

As people began using technology more and more they started needing their local library for it’s main function, lending books, less and less. The internet has made books less of a luxury and more of an everyday thing. You don’t have to pay $20 for a hardcover anymore; you can just get it online for $3. In fact, many books, magazines, and newspapers are available entirely for free online. This is a good thing, it gives more people access to a larger wealth of information, and has spread thoughts and ideas throughout the world, but it has given books to the masses, they don’t need to borrow them anymore.

So libraries have fallen on the way side, and continue to do so. America has a fantastic public library system, but funding for them has been falling over the last several years.

The Cascade Branch of the Kent District Library, our local library, is a fantastic example of a library that has evolved to modern times. It hosts local activities, such as an upcoming Star Wars marathon, all of which are up to date and interesting. It has free open access wifi, and public computers if you need to use them. There are work rooms dotted along the outer edge of the library, which are easy to access and normally open. When there isn’t a work room available you can also use one of the many workstations littered throughout the inside.

All of this combines to make the Cascade Library a great place to go do homework or read. The work rooms are the perfect place to meet and do group projects or study alone. The quiet atmosphere makes it easy to concentrate, and by leaving your house you remove a lot of distractions.