Humans of FHC: Amy Singer


“Sports are pretty much our life. [I have] three boys: a sophomore, an eighth grader, and a fifth grader. [They’ve played] basketball and baseball forever. Most of the games are around here, but they do traveling tournaments. It’s interesting because, when we grew up, everyone liked the home state teams. But our boys all like three different teams. Each kid likes something different; they all like different baseball teams, they all like different professional football teams, even some different college teams.

We travel around the country in the summer and see baseball parks. We went to Cooperstown last summer, and the boys all know some of the older players from playing some of their video games or just hearing commentators talk or us talk. It was really fun to go to Cooperstown and go through the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame with them. It was just interesting to do that with them. Every summer, we visit major league parks and some minor league parks. We have one more major league park this summer, and that’s it.”