Culver’s: Not Your Regular Fast Food

Culvers: Not Your Regular Fast Food

Jordan George, Editor in Chief

I have not eaten since 11:30, just had two hours of basketball, and am extremely hungry. Where can I go to curb this hunger before a night of homework? Culver’s on 28th street is the place. From the convenient drive-thru to the nicer-than-a-fast-food-place dining room, Culver’s expert blend of quality and convenience creates an opportunity that I usually just can’t pass up.

For one, the atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable. More than once have a large group of 20-25 FHC seniors sat in the Culver’s dining room after a Friday night football game. There is a lot of seating, and the choice of booths or tables allows you to choose whatever works best for you according to the size of your party. While all of this is certainly nice and convenient, I would probably advise against taking someone on a first date here or a romantic night out, because it is still a fast-food atmosphere and you could probably expect more of a nice atmosphere at a restaurant like Applebee’s.

As far as food goes, I usually opt for a double butterburger with cheese, and fries and a drink. The butterburger is perfectly sized, and the exact right amount of food after a long day. The butterburgers at Culver’s are pretty delicious, and truly do taste more genuine and fresh than McDonald’s or Wendy’s. While the burgers are definitely a highlight, the fries at Culver’s are the real headliner. Cut fresh from potatoes, you can tell that the fries are 100 percent real at Culver’s because every now and then you will come across one that is a little undercooked and tastes extra potato-like. The fries are thick-cut steak fries, so they fill you up (and taste better) than fries at other fast-food places. All in all, the food is a bit pricey for a high schooler without a job, with the whole meal coming in at about nine dollars, but it is worth the price in my opinion.

Culver’s really does know what they are doing and you can truly tell by the product that they put out. With food that is fresh, a dining experience that is comfortable and clean, and service that is friendly and approachable, Culver’s is the number one choice for fast food.