Changes have been made for student admission to football games


Audrey Sidebotham, Sports Reporter

With a new school year beginning, a new set of rules has been put in place. The administration has brought the price for football tickets down to two dollars if students show their school ID card while paying for the ticket.

“It started honestly as something we wanted to do for our students,” athletic director Clark Udell said. “We want students at events; we want students at athletics events, we want students at the theater, we want students at band and choir concerts. We want them to support each other. It’s part of what it means to be a community. We wanted to do something that says, ‘we value our students,’ and that’s how the two dollars came around.”

The two dollar tickets are not just for 7-12th graders who have IDs; it extends to any student K-12 attending an FHC school. Students are excited that the tickets will only be two dollars instead of five, especially at the big sporting events.

“The prices are really good for the football games, [and] I think it’ll allow more students to come and support our school through the football team,” senior and student section leader Adam Tellier said. “In all, it is a very good new thing.”

Along with the ticket prices being reduced, the administration has also banned bags and any outside food or drinks from coming into the stadium. FHC has decided to ban these items for safety reasons. They’re taking these precautions because football has more people attending those games than any other sporting events.

Many students believe that not bringing bags into the stadium will be tough, but they understand that they are only banned because of security. 

“I’d like to say that I’m indifferent to the no bag policy,” junior Richie Alvarez said. “There are certain situations that you might need to bring a bag, however, I do understand the necessity to keep our students and community safe. It’s quite the controversial topic, but the intentions are good, so it should be alright.”

The administration has also decided to open the old main gates behind the home bleachers for students to enter through without having to go through the busy front entrance. Udell has high hopes that students will enjoy all of the changes.

“We’re trying to make it friendly, [and] we’re trying to get people there; it should be a community gathering,” Udell said. “The community is what makes FHC.”