Random Acts of Talent: What Can We Expect?


Kendra Turley, Online Manager

“You can expect the unexpected,” Robbin DeMeester said.

Those are the words that FHC’s theater director would use describe the upcoming Random Acts of Talent Show. From magic, to hula hoops, and everything in between – DeMeester says that this year, they have it all.

“This year’s ​RAT​ is really going to be something different​,” DeMeester said. “You will not want to take your eyes off of the stage​!”

Senior and student director Kaila Kotas says that this year, she and DeMeester tried to pick more than the usual singing and dancing during auditions.

“We got really strict on the more random, the better,” Kotas said.

DeMeester and Kotas both agree that this show will be “funny, if not funnier than usual,” especially because the usual hosts, chemistry teachers Jon Anderson and Russ Chudy, are back again with their crazy skits, puns, and comments.

According to Anderson, he and his comedic partner in crime each make up about half of the final hilarious product, which combines their two different kinds of humor.

“We differ a bit on what we find funny,” Anderson said. “[Chudy] is more physical humor and I am more subtle wit. Typically we both come up with ideas on our own, meet and discuss them, and then pick and choose the ones we like best.”

Despite his constant jokes and  that occur even during his lessons, Anderson is not one who enjoys being up on stage. He also says that putting his and Chudy’s act together, while fun, is stressful.

“I am not a person comfortable in the limelight,” Anderson said. “It takes a lot of time to put together a show.”

Anderson says that the process of coming up with their comedic act involves several steps. Once DeMeester has told them that they are hosting again, he will attend several rehearsals and decide what jokes to make about which acts. It’s a stressful month of brainstorming, but Anderson believes the final result is definitely worth seeing.

“[The show will be] eclectic and electric,” Anderson said. “Chudy will embarrass himself and me.”

Chudy agreed, saying that there’s a lot to look forward to.

“[You can expect] tears, jeers, and shocking commentary,” Chudy said.

Besides the comical acts from the hosts, Random Acts of Talent consists of multiple elements. Kotas says that this year has quite the range, from the usual singing and dancing, to magic and even more amusing and entertaining surprise acts. For Kotas, as student director, she is very involved with the cast members and spends her time helping them perfect their acts for opening night. Her favorite part of her job is watching her talented classmates, and learning new things about each and every one of them.

“It’s just so cool to find out what these kids can do,” Kotas said.

DeMeester agreed with Kotas, stating that she loves running Random Acts Of Talent because of all of the cool talents she gets to see.

“Unlike the play and musical, RAT brings out talent we didn’t even know we had,” DeMeester said.

DeMeester says that they bring a different kind of audience to Random Acts, mainly because of the new talent that they can bring to the stage, and no one knows what to expect from this show.

“Our audience likes to see kids from all walks of our student body up on the stage, not just the usual theatre people,” DeMeester said.

Anderson says that because of the difference in members of the cast, he often finds out things about his students that he would have never known before. He’s always amazed at what they’re capable of.

“I’d say that most teachers love dealing with kids way more than with the subjects that they teach,” Anderson said. “So it’s great to be able to interact with students in a fun manner like the talent show.”

Senior Jon Urich, who will be doing a magic act, says that his favorite part is interacting with all of the other people in the show.

“All of the people in it are really cool and have different talent,” Urich said. “It’s just fun to see what they can do.”

Senior Avery Ferin, who is back again for her third year doing spoken word poetry, agreed with Urich. She stated that the day of the show is her favorite part, since that’s the first time the entire cast gets together and gets to see each other’s acts.

“There’s just so much talent,” Ferin said.

With all of the talent from different social circles across FHC, combined into one show, this year’s Random Acts of Talent is sure to be a hit. Kotas hopes that the audience not only enjoys the show, but that they leave with their minds blown “and think, ‘What did I just watch?’” It will be shorter, and according to both DeMeester and Kotas, will contain several surprise acts. What also makes this show different from years’ past is that, according to Kotas, is that this one will be anything but ordinary.

“You can expect this show to be hilarious,” Kotas said. “There is just so many random things happening that you would never expect.”

Anderson agreed with Kotas, stating that the variety in the show is what makes is so great.

“It is fast paced,” Anderson said. “There is something for everyone, and it is just plain entertaining.”

He added that he hopes people come and see what kind of talent FHC has to offer.

“I’d just encourage people to come and see the show for themselves,” Anderson said. “I think it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night.”