“24” Hooks Viewers with Action and Suspense


Breezy Wetherbee, Junior Writer

TV series are much too easy to binge-watch thanks to Netflix.  I have found one show in particular that is quite captivating.  Never have I fallen into the “show hole” more than I have with the TV show, 24.  

The show gets its name because each season happens within 24 hours.  Every threat must be resolved within that time frame; therefore, the show happens in real time.  One hour in 24 is equivalent to one hour in real life.  Although this show may border extreme, similar situations to the ones portrayed in the show have happened.  The premise of each season centers around CTU, Counter Terrorism Unit, along with the main character, Jack Bauer, and his faithful technology wizard, Chloe O’Brian.

At the beginning of each season, a threat to national security is identified and must be resolved rather quickly.  The threats range from sentox nerve gas being released on American soil to the president of the United States being assassinated and nuclear bombs targeted at Los Angeles to a lethal virus disguised as cocaine.  What makes 24 special is its unpredictability.  Within each season, there are several major subplots and many twists.  One thing that remains  the same throughout all the seasons is its capability to make your heart race every single episode of every single season.  You will cringe in horror and impatiently wait in anticipation.  You may think you know what is really going on, but truly, you don’t.  It is undeniably unpredictable.

Jack Bauer is faced with many trials, most of which don’t work out in his favor.  He is beaten, tortured, ridiculed, and called a traitor, yet he never loses sight of what’s important: saving innocent lives.  Chloe O’Brian, the short-tempered Chief Data Analyst for CTU, has been arrested multiple times, due to her unfaltering dedication to Jack.  She is somewhat socially challenged, which helps add a little comic relief to a relatively serious show.   The chemistry between Jack and Chloe is truly unmatched.  Both are willing to risk everything in order to help the other.  Chloe and Jack have become more than TV characters to me – they have almost become heroes.

Jack is extremely gifted in many aspects.  He will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves, and the way he is able to get information out of high-profile suspects is truly a gift.  Even if he doesn’t always use legal methods, he does warrant results. And when it comes down to it, aren’t results everything when it comes down to a matter of national security, with thousands to millions of lives on the line?

This show encompasses numerous items that people look for when they are on the hunt for a great show.  It has talented actors, a riveting plot line, some humor, and a whole lot of action.  One thing I advise before starting this show; make sure you have a lot of time on your hands.  This show is so captivating that once you get started, you won’t be able to stop.