Humans of FHC: Vinod Rajakrishna


“After first grade, I moved to China, and I lived there for about three years because of my dad’s job. He builds planes, and they had a special assignment there for him. When I went to the store, people would rant to me in Chinese; it was really awkward, but I learned Chinese eventually and still speak it today.

After China, I went to Florida. That was probably my favorite place to live in just because of the weather and the beaches. It kind of just brought me back to reality because, in China, I went to this international school. There were [about] a couple thousand kids, but I just went to normal elementary school [in Florida].

After that, I moved to England, and that was a [real] eye-opener because they do things completely different there. [For] school uniforms, you wear a suit to school every day. Nine to five every day and school on Saturday, too.”