Humans of FHC: Cole Munger


“We were playing Catholic Central, and we scored in the beginning which was cool. And then, they scored two, and we were like, ‘Oh crap.’ And then we scored another one. I think it was Hayden Sarjeant who scored that one. After that, we got a five-minute penalty with about seven minutes to go. It’s a four on five for that penalty, so we had four people playing against their five. But, we killed that off. They didn’t score that whole time. Then, when there was about a minute and thirty seconds left, we got another penalty, so it was another four on five, but for two minutes this time. So the rest of the game. Hayden got the puck, and Cole Ott and I were up high at the top of the circles, and Hayden skated out, and we were in a three in one with Hayden in the middle. He passed it to me, I was on his right side, and I shot it, and it went in. After that, we had twenty-three seconds left, and we had to kill off the rest of the penalty, and we did, and we won.”